Wow! The Sun, Moon and Venus will be exactly aligned at 20 degrees in the constellation of taurus. Both the moon and venus are at home in this frequency so the energy here is ecstatic. Taurus is an earth sign and rules the plant kingdom. Taurus is ruled by venus and also rules anything associated with strength and pleasure.


The world is constantly seeking freedom from pain, thus more pleasure. All intoxicants and medicines are designed to take you to a place more pleasurable than what you feel on your own. While there is nothing wrong with this there are some medicines that are better than others, some are good for some and not for others, and nothing is good in excess. I am inspired to speak about this subject because I recently tried the medicine of the sonoran toad. Like peyote, mushrooms or ayuasca, it was another exhilarating divine experience. Nature is so full of natural medicine that has been known and used by humanity since the beginning.

“Revered Nagasena, what is the nectar shop of the Buddha, the Blessed One?” “Nectar, sire, has been pointed out by the Blessed One. With this nectar the Blessed One sprinkles the world with the devas; when the devas and the humans have been sprinkled with this nectar, they are set free from birth, aging, disease, death, sorrow, lamentation, pain, grief and despair. What is this nectar? It is mindfulness occupied with the body. And this too, sire, was said by the Blessed One: ‘Monks, they partake of nectar (the deathless) who partake of mindfulness that is occupied with the body.’ This, sire, is called the Blessed One’s nectar shop.” — Miln 335[7]



Vedic astrology is one of the primary limbs of the vedas which means it belongs to the body of knowledge that includes music, massage, dance, yoga, ayurveda (medicine)and tantra. Jyotisha is the part of the vedas that helps you understand who you are and how you fit into this cosmos. It is the science that gives you indication of when is a good time to act and how to better understand the person with whom you are in action with! Yes, it belongs to the knowledge that we are souls who incarnate through different lifetimes and that for every action there is a reaction. Before we can find true inner bliss we must find moksha or liberation from negative energy that is preventing us from expressing our full authenticity. It should come as no surprise that here on earth there are plants, minerals, and yes, even toad glands that carry a DNA structure that has the intelligence to heal us. To date I do not know of a white powder derivative that can equal the natural medicines that are provided by nature. Also the experience of the medicine is so satisfying because it does have intelligence and links directly and,naturally, with the human genome complex, which is recognized as another part of nature, therefore generally not addictive. When asked how the indigenous amazonians knew which plant medicines to use, they said because the plants told them! For those who have experienced the incredible healing powers of ayuasca for example, will understand why it is the powerful medicine of the naguas ( shaman)  of south america. For those who have not please do not stand in judgment, especially believing that a powder white pill mass produced in factories is a moral choice. Further to this, once we are liberated from our own darkness, the same natural medicines that heal, can take us to higher states of pleasure. What a world!



The ancient vedic rishis were, like us, using natural medicines to heal and celebrate. In fact, sanskrit it the only spiritual language and essentially every aspect of the vedic wisdom is designed to create prayer or celebration around gratitude for life. Soma was a plant based intoxicant used for inducing a higer frequency within the body temple. Yoga is sweeping the world and engaging the young adults. Along with it many are embracing the culture of plants and other natural medicines. My point is that this is normal and has always been. Naturally occuring chemical formulas ( isn’t everything?) are designed to heal and then in tandum with meditation and sacred mantra and dance/movement create yoga. Yoga is the sanskrit word found in all limbs of the vedas (vedangas) which means,’to yoke’, or to connect. To connect with what? The divine force of creation of which we all belong. Connect how? Through portals of pleasure.



After experiencing ayuasca for the first time I realized that it is this experience that the western world is seeking when they take drugs. When sitting in the jungle around the fire with the shaman in south america you will see all ages and all walks of life walk into a ceremony when it is needed. There are no questions only reverence for the initiative and communal support for the healing process. Of course it is not for everybody. Like having a guru/teacher is the fast track. Essentially at the end of the day it is all designed to help you sit quietly and allow yourself to connect sacredly in meditation. It is my opinion that everything counts! It is my opinion that everything is medicine. Once the body temple is cleaned and cleared this becomes obvious.



Meditation or making music, dance or yoga, can take you to the same places as the medicine. Actually once your body and mind has worked through it’s emotional pain, which by the way is the primary cause of physical disease, there is quite naturally a falling off of the desire for medicine. A body mind temple free of pain, guilt, anger, jealousy, envy and fear, is free to rise into states of bliss. The natural state of our being is actually pure bliss. It is well worth the personal growth work that is required. Find your teacher, find your guru, find your inspiration so that you can find your natural blissful state.


The focus with this new moon is on finding your pleasure.



Yikes. All this really means it that there is no better time than now to begin your journey anew. Discipline is always needed. If you fall off your path, just get right back on as fast as possible without being hard on yourself. Your power is in your ability to forgive yourself and realize your successes. Allow breakthroughs. Stay committed to your path for it is your journey. Eventually you will hit it! “Understanding your personal matrix or vedic birth chart is like having the map of your soul’s journey.”



Jupiter is still in Leo with Rahu bringing all kinds of good fortune for those of you with Leo planets. Right?!! This cycle lasts until Aug. This grande cross can cause stability or stubborn resistance. Go within your own body to find the answer to this question. Let the feeling of well being and abundance within your heart be your currency. Ketu is involved in the grande cross as the point where the stress is released. Ketu rules intoxicated states both medicinal and meditative. Think of the four directions. Ketu is sitting in the south.




The new moon is always a new cycle and a time to being again.

This is a time to investigate your relationship to your bliss. Now is good!


Love only….



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