Well the world is online now and it provides a platform for the us to come together like never before. When like minded people gather based on the fact that they believe they have a moral correctness, the power builds. But what if what they believe is not actually true? What if they were being manipulated by the media that also feeds them all of the information? And what if the masses, in general, are not well educated, and simply believe what they are fed ? What if there was a backstory; secrets? Scorpio is the secrets. Scorpio is the power. Scorpio is the pain and the death.


Scorpio rules other people’s resources as opposed to the resources you create and own yourself. Jyotisha differentiates between the money/resources you make yourself vs money/resources that you inherit or get to use. The distinction is important to realize.

The world has always run on some form of currency that puts people into one of these two categories.


When one has enough money they seek power. Power is the ability to control others resources, which includes personal freedom. Again, if we look back into history, there has always been some play in this area. If it shows up as something essential to understand about life ( which is what Jyotisha provides), then it must be something we need to learn for our own soul evolution.


Scorpio also rules the darker side of existence.

EARTH 2020

As we celebrate this full moon, we are faced to look at all of the above. The world is in chaos. But how will this play out?


What we also know about our existence is that there is a polar opposite to everything.The opposite to Scorpio is Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and represents your own resources. Included in your own wealth is your inner sense of safety and security. All of this is being brought into the light given the major swing to the Scorpio side these days.

This full moon is a great time to sit with yourself and determine where your own comfort zone is with respect to all of the above. This full moon can bring up uncomfortable emotions.


Scorpio rules death, another phenomenon we live under here on earth. I believe that the moment of our death may be the most important moment of our lives. Our soul moves on and the energy that we are holding at that moment is critical. Since we never really know when that moment will arrive, the trick is to get to a stage of inner comfort/personal power that runs through our body at all times. Yes, this is very challenging, and herein lies the spiritual work!

I do not mean to be depressing today, but the world that we live in belongs to us; it is the collective projection of ,’us’.

On a personal note, there will always be those who live in harmony, and abundance despite what goes on around them. This  is because their soul is vibrating at a frequency that produces those results.

Here is the beginning to my ebook ( soon to be available in paperback) :

Unveiling Vedic Astrology :


Yatha pinde tatha brahmande,
yatha brahmande tatha pinde
(Sanskrit: यथा पिण्डे तथा ब्रह्माण्डे)

As is the atom, so is the universe;
As is the human body, so is the cosmic body;
As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind;
As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm.)
Just as the ocean exists in one drop, so does the cosmos exist in one form, you.

This book will help you understand how a Vedic birth chart is the key to tapping into your personal cosmic frequency. A Vedic birth chart is a language that explains the harmonic frequency that is embedded within our earthly bodies. Your Vedic birth chart is your karmic code or, light matrix, that identifies you as a unique intersection of the cosmos with individualized form. I will show you the building blocks of this so that when we arrive at the explanation of Vedic astrology, you will have an informed perspective on how and why this ancient wisdom deserves attention and respect. For those of you on the path of searching for answers, let this book be a fast track to the source, let it answer your questions, and let it offer you the inner peace and inspiration to embrace your life as the most wondrous experience in the universe.

We do not know where we came from, or where we are going. The reality of this is daunting. In this dimension (on earth), as a human being with consciousness, we ask questions about our existence. Looking to the sky, we realize we are a tiny speck within a massive cosmos. Many people would rather not think too deeply about existence because it is overwhelming.

Others cannot stop seeking answers to these questions. We seek answers in science because it gives us hard facts. We seek answers in logic because it satisfies the linear brain. But, pure, logical science is not completely satisfying. Instinctively, we know there is something more. The question of a deeper spiritual meaning to life and the notion of a creator, commonly referred to as God arises. How do we unify pure science with the mystical to arrive at an answer that makes sense of it all? How do we place our individual lives within this giant matrix in a way that satisfies us to the extent that we know we belong and that our life has meaning and purpose? What about looking beyond science and logic into the world of the ancient, mystical, sacred, and secret texts for answers that are not found in linear scientific logic, but rather in a logic of the metaphysical? What if there were answers that combined science and physics with that which is beyond physics, metaphysics?

Everything in the universe is energy. All that we can sense, hear, feel, touch and see is energy. Energy creates itself in different forms. The form that energy creates is based on its energetic frequency. Energy translates into frequency. Frequency can be identified through sound, shape, color, taste, touch, and feelings. Everything in our universe is energy translated into frequency.:”

You can find the ebook on Amazon.


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