Sanskrit, the language that delivers the vedas to our planet, holds the key to unlocking the doors of  perception. The sanskrit root word MAN is so interesting to observe.



We do not want to get stuck in the feminine masculine war of domination. It is not about that. Let’s examine the origin of the root ‘man’ in sanskrit.



This is a true story. A few years ago I went on a ‘yatra’, which means,‘spiritual journey’. I visited all four of the sacred sites for the Hindu religion. The culmination of this journey took me to a village called, “mana”. This village is on the Indo-China border high in the Himalayas. It overlooks the Saraswati river basin which is where the original sages of this vedic wisdom originated. I was delighted to find the cave where Ganesha is said to have lived! Close by was another cave which was the petrified leaves of the MahaBharata. Inside the cave was a priest who held a fire and recited mantra. He was physically beautiful. His mantra was riveting. I never wanted to leave. What I found astonishing is that the name of this ancient village was called, “Mana”.



Manusya is the sanskrit term for human being.

Here is a few terms associated.

manuṣya-loke — in the world of human society

manuṣya— human beings

manuṣya nahe— not a human being

manuṣya-prakāśe— in the guise of human beings

manuṣya-bhāvena— appearing as if an ordinary person

se manuṣya — that messenger



Mantra is a specific sound that is produced by a human being with the intention of creating a specific result. The vedas are mainly centered around mantra. We are manusya who sing mantra. We sing mantra to connect with a vibrational frequency within our cosmos that , once established ( think tuning fork) can produce immediate manifestation.


Sanskrit is a language where the subject and the object are one. If you meditate on this long enough you will come to the realization that mantra can produce instant expression of intention.



So how is jyotisha connected? Well, first off, all of the limbs of the vedas are connected. Jyotisha is the language that unlocks the cosmic frequencies of light, both our own personal frequency ( mantra) and the current cosmic frequency ( now). Like a tuning fork, when planetary luminaries vibrate at a certain frequency that matches our own, we are triggered. Our karma is triggered. If we can clear our karma, we become clear vessels for the frequency and move into being able to ‘play’ our instrument ( our body) with mantra/sound. Our brains are computers given to us to program so that we can understand the mantra. Our heart is a conductor for proper direction (dharma) , our bodies are the instrument ( everything is fibers, like guitar strings), and our voice is contribution to the cosmic dance. It is all frequency!


Your chart is complex. As you clear your energy, you can understand yourself and your chart on a deeper and deeper level. The chart is not static. You are not static. The game you are playing is to clear your karma; the human condition, so that you can ,‘enlighten’ and consciously contribute to the celestial orchestra! Wow… That is enough for now!! Meditate.


Today we are uncovering the frequencies that likely match the mantras. Because we are heading into the Aquarian age, we will be going deeper and deeper into sound wave frequency.

This will undoubtedly bring us closer to our origin. Here are a few.

Pineal gland




DNA unlock your codon


Healing frequencies brain wave cleansing..








As I have been studying this subject for over 30 years, I am finally arriving at a place of putting more  and more personal attention on clearing my vessel and transforming into one that can hold more light so that I am able to move into mantra. I am convinced that our chart is our personal soul mantra. If we can access it, miracles and nirvana must result!!

Om Shanti Om

Love only..


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