The Nakshatra of Love & Pleasure

I am going to share a very real and raw story of real life. The full moon is at 17.16 Leo. My venus is at 17.12 of Leo. For those of you who are studying Jyotisha, this is called a conjunction.When planets pass through the cosmic path where your personal birth chart planet sits to the degree, the alchemy goes ,’down’, or ‘off’, however you like think of it. For me it goes , ‘down’ and it goes ,’off” !!

Yes, this means this full moon is sitting directly on my Venus sensitivity.

As an Astrologer my job is to observe what happens around me and learn.

I would look at the upcoming transits ( days, months, years) to see when certain planetary alignments occurred that had the ability to manifest those type of conditions.

Many many people come with this question.

When will I fall in Love?


This full moon transits my venus to the degree. This is potent.

And indeed this sacred secret vedic science called , ‘the eyes of the vedas’, proves itself yet again. I am falling in love at this very moment in time.

For me I get a thrill out of seeing the correlation between the planetary positions and their effect on life.

Full moons are periods of harvesting.

Full moons are a periods of rewards.

Full moons are for periods of results.

Whatever result you are experiencing in your life currently, understand this is somehow the projection of your cosmic DNA. Your life belongs to you; for now.

Make the most of it! Venus in Leo would say, ‘don’t think about it too much, just do it if it feels good!”. Those of you with a lot of leo planets are just nodding your heads up and down. This has its perks of grande levels of pompary and celebration as a result of excess passion~ to intense sensual beauty and pleasure as passion that expresses itself as devotion to a committed spiritual practise in pursuit of that nectar called love. Venus in Leo is seeking enlightenment through pleasure.

This full moon is all about pleasure. 

This science is so deep that we could probably spend a lifetime studying just this one action. Astrology is the science of analysis. If you have excess analysis energy you might want to consider using that mental reserve to focus on a spiritual discipline. 


Yoga exists in all areas of the Vedas. It is the main word actually. Yoga is not really yoga, it is the practise of asanas in combination with breath, concentration, tapas in preparation for meditation.

The fact that yoga is the main word in the Vedas is, I believe, when the various elements and timing concur we can jump into another dimension; a higher one.

Higher frequency turns into light.

Lower frequency turns into inter matter. ( Even inert matter has a soul).

Life is everywhere in all its’ forms.

But what happens when the various austerities and meditative practises create alchemy?




We get glimpses that we have access to higher forms of energetic expression. It’s called Orgasm.

Ultimately it’s called Enlightenment.


One of my Masters explained it to me like this.

When you get your life so right, you drop into pleasure. As the pleasure rises it is a sustainable flow of orgasmic energy through the system; your system. You must have a body and mind that is prepared to handle that electric voltage amp. Ayurveda can teach you how to prepare your body for enlightenment. Jyotisha can prepare your mind for the transition. Navigation of life is not easy for anybody. Once you do the work, your are lucky to have your mind prepared before fifty annual voyages of the earth around the sun.

Venus in Leo /Venus in Purva Phalguni 

Everyone of you have Purva Phalguni active somewhere in your cosmic birth plan. Some of you will have planets there and many will not. See if you can find the celebration where others are celebrating for the same reason as you, because you have found Love.

PS. Ganesha is to dissolve obstacles
Love only….




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