The full moon this month activates the cosmic frequency of Leo and harmonizes with two other planets in fire to form a grand fire trine. Mars is in Aries in full force and Saturn is in Sagittarius providing stability. Moon, Mars and Saturn will work together to activate power struggles. The moon aligns with rahu producing an intoxicated sense of entitlement.  The sun aligned with ketu can set up a situation where rebelliousness and the desire for freedom can cause a momentary lapse of consciousness. Venus is strong in Pisces aspecting Jupiter, (thank God) instilling a undercurrent of a desire, ’to do the right thing’.


Almost everybody understands that leo is the all important sign of the ruler/king/leader/CEO. Leo feels powerful. The moon with rahu will amplify the need for power for those individuals who are tuned to this frequency. Power is like money, inherently benign, but if found in the hands of the wrong person, or country, can be destructive.

The concept of power is a subject that can be studied at length. The best way I know how to distill it is to look at a dog or cat. When they are well loved and healthy, they constantly demonstrate their inner feelings by the way they move. It is clear to anyone watching ( without words) that they feel great inside, confident and powerful.

We, as humans, are animals and subject to the same basic expressions. In order to access your true inner power, you must be healthy and confident, anything less is corrupted power. To this end, do your best to be in optimum health in body, mind and soul, for it is in that vibration that you can find full authentic expression and access your personal power.

This full moon may bring up situations where those around you are flexing their power or powerlessness, which then reflects back on to you. How healthy is your relationship to your inner sense of power?


The moon falls into the lunar sign which is associated with courage, ambition, and defending righteous causes. Wealth, generosity and caring for others are traits of Uttaraphalguni. When power is healthy it  seeks to alleviate suffering and raise the standards of all.  Leadership, honour and nobility are signs of a true leader.


The truth is that the body is a vehicle for the soul. Souls come from various stages of evolution and this is the problem with power. The truth is that approximately 5% of people born fall into a category of twisted power and spend their time conquering others. In any age this shows up as those who dominate others. These people are usually more intelligent than the average and excel in manipulation. They would argue that they are superior humans because their instincts of survival are more developed. They use other more gentle souls to achieve their self fulfillment projection of their own idea of power. Here is the problem with power.

There is a self proclaimed narcissist that has done the world an immense favour by explaining the mind of a narcissist and how to recognize and manage if they show up in your life. Many of us get caught up in these less than ideal relationships and must learn how to recognize and extricate ourselves. I highly recommend the work of Sam Vaknin.

Of course, becoming familiar with your own vedic birth chart is the foundation to self knowledge. Understanding what is ,’under the hood’, of your own vehicle automatically increases your power.


When planets are in the same element they work together in harmony. Fire is the element of action and spirit. This full moon has a super dynamic fire trine with mars in Aries. You may feel a surge of energy, strength and courage to finally take action for yourself. Saturn in Sagittarius holds the frequency of discipline and maturity which the Aries needs. This full moon can also deliver rewards for your recent efforts. Celebrate! 


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