All of the planets are in three signs! That rarely happens. This means that there is a highly concentrated energetic pull on our precious Gaia, and consquently on all of us. Those with major planets in either Aquarius, Leo or Scorpio will feel be highly triggered.


Further to this unique planetary combination, all of the planets are in fixed signs! From my perspective I find that remarkable! The good news is that fixed signs provide stability and strength. The twist is that The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus are in Aquarius which are aligned with Ketu. Ketu acts like Mars and pushes the cosmic package into a highly mystical, non physical realm and will cause rebellion and uprising. This is the kind of energy big earthquakes are made of. Mars is also in Scorpio increasing the martian energy. Jupiter is directly aspecting this stellium increasing the magnitude of whatever manifests.Yikes!

My advice is to stay home and fast during this new Moon.

March8,2016, 17.51 PST Vancouver

 Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.38.32 PM


This lunar sign may well be the most unique and eccentric of all 27. There is a quality of alignment to authenticity that is unparalleled.While many people struggle to have the courage to even dip their toe out of their conservative safe comfort zone, Purva Bhadarapada jumps right out of the box and scampers off down the path of authentic expression. Great genius’s of the world usually fall into this category and do not receive recognition until after their passing.

Since this is a new Moon, now is the time to break out of your self made restraints and give yourself permission to be outrageous. Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and embrace the discipline that grounds you, be it yoga, mediation, playing music, running, swimming, etc. Lean on your creative outlets to burn off the stress. The goal to life is to enjoy it! There is no where to get to but the present moment. If you miss this, you will surely miss the final moment of goal realization. The jewel is in the journey my dear ones.



Like it or not, this current wave of desperate men, women and babies fleeing Africa is not going to stop. As much as we may resist the dilution of the ethnic flavours of Europe, it appears that the Aquarian age is upon us. As much as we may sit in our comfortable homes and voice our opinions, the truth is that each of us would do the same thing if pushed to the same circumstances.This exodus will shape the near future of humanity as we know it. I believe that the nations that are accepting these refugees will not accept neither tolerate the inequity of sexes, neither violence.



This time is certainly the advent of this new age. Like most change, we resist before we embrace. This eclipse is the initial resistance phase when the egg is still in tact but full of life within, just about to crack open.

There is so much tension in this planetary combination that we will likely see a natural disaster somewhere on the earth. Earthquakes, eruptions, etc…



The new Moon is very low energy so if you wish to get in alignment to be able to absorb the positive rays that enter our existence during this time, get quiet.

There are a lot of powerful celebrations that have been conducted on the Maha Shivatri just the day before which will help stabilize the planet.

There are great beginnings possible now. What is your dream? Take time to acknowledge the resiste move all resistance within you. This is what is holding you back. Recognize it, make friends with it, be responsible for it, the clear it out! You can do it! Now is good!! JUMP!!


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