Mars is the planet of conflict straight up.

Cancer is the sign of emotion and family love and business.

Mars is in Cancer in 2011 from September 9 to October 30.

Globally we will feel it in business unrest.

Personally we will feel it in emotional unrest.

This means of all the 12 signs, Mars is at the lowest energy point in Cancer. The reason for this is that when action results from stress, anger, fear, jealousy, greed or envy it is usually not delivered with a smart or thoughtful way and very often hurts.
Unleashed anger within the family, Cancer is abusive.
Sanskrit: Pay no harm
This is the first rule in the Ashtanga or 8 limbs of yoga.
As much as possible it is advisable to align with this principle.
So common in this world is the anger that is misplaced within the family.
Generation after generation do not escape this cycle of abuse . Mother and father, uncle, aunt, whoever it may be; when a child grows under abuse, even the slightest emotional abuse, there is scarring.
Most of the money and effort spent in the world on healing is to fix the damage and teach one how to move out of relationships of abuse.
When it comes down from generation to generation there is belief that love hurts.
A child grows in pain and associates love with emotional pain and so chooses a mate or business partner or friend who fulfills that belief.
When one is ready to grow this is the issues that must be faced.
The sad truth about emotional abuse is that once you receive it you have no choice but to pass it along.
If you keep it for yourself eventually you will be come sick or attract a bad accident.
Once received you will have to give it to another and then you are passing along the same.
It does no good to blame another for your action.
Whenever you find yourself angry with someone you love and it puts you in a state that you are all too familiar with and you loose your temper and act in a way that you hate yourself for afterwards, this is your sign.
Until you can master your own life to the point where you no longer fill with anger and take it out on another, even if it is first directed at you, you are still living in this cycle of abuse.
This can take years to understand, come to terms with or master.
Be gentle and kind with yourself.
You cannot do it alone. You will need help to release this pattern.
Moving into true love begins with the self.
When we grow under adverse conditions we are never really present to love ourselves properly. We set up all kinds of self sabatoging mechanisms to cause ourselves pain.
This is all we know.
The beginning of true spiritual maturity is when we learn how to follow Ahmisa for our own heart.
Since it is something I would describe as genetic, great effort is required.
Love relationships have to alter.
Usually family relationships will resist.
Not everyone has the courage to disrupt the flow of family even if it does involve abuse. You will meet with resistence.
Leaving abuse and moving into a Love requires courage.
The sad reality is that if you choose once and for all to eliminate emotional abuse in your life you will need to leave some relationships and seriously alter others.
You will need to come into the position of power to say when and how long you will see someone. You will also have to cut them off or leave the situation if the abuse begins.
This takes awareness and courage and takes time.
Very often this never happens and people develop cancer and other dis eases and die rather then radically alter.
This process may take years to complete.
Like anything it can also be done in a nanosecond.
This is the story of life!
But once you agree with yourself to move out of emotional abuse to yourself, accepting if from others or giving it yourself the other side of life is peaceful. Only then will you be ready for true love.
You may be surprised to find that you are born with Mars in Cancer. This does not give you automatic access to abuse , but certainly is an indication that is has been passed down from your family genetics.
You may have Mars in other signs that have difficulty controlling emotional reactions that cause pain.
You may have a Mars that is so controlled that you don’t even feel emotion.
When Mars transits Cancer it may well trigger your own light matrix. When it transits you may be triggered as well.
The fundamental benefit of understanding your birth chart is to understand the nature of your own soul.
There is no greater tool for self -knowledge.
Knowledge is Power.
Once you fundamentally understand the root of any cause you are equipped to make a change.
I remain in awe and deep gratitude for this sacred tool of the Vedas!
Love only,
Paddi “Know your chart, Know yourself”

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