When is the last time you forgot about the rules?

When is the last time you just let yourself go to your edge of celebration? Celebrating what?



Do you know how special it is to have a life on this little blue planet while it still has animals and water and trees and color? If there is one thing we do know for sure is that the rest of the planets we see so far look dismal. Seems they all had a day when they were paradise before they took their turn in time. In all myths and legends the Gods and Goddesses are always celebrating! Drinking amrita, smoking amrita, eating amrita, extreme excersize, meditation….



The point is intoxication. The route is varied and diverse. The point is to illuminate reality. Reality, that sliver of a light show that makes you feel at home, safe, but in fact is an illusion. Intoxication just helps your sense relax to deal with you reality. The truth is you can get to ‘enlightenment’ through so many different paths. So don’t judge. I was shocked to see an Aghori sitting on a garbage pile in Rishikesh in a state of enlightenment. This is a crazy world. The more you think you know the worse off you are. The more you realize you know nothing the closer you are to truth. Yes you can also take nothing and mediate in a cave and find nirvana. But, make no mistake, you can also party your booty off , take all the drugs you want and also find nirvana….



Here is the secret. Your body will tell you! Some years you may eat no meat and take no alcohol and feel fine. Other years you may indulge in everything that is passed your way. Your body is your thermometer. If you are radiant and healthy and happy and in balance you are fine. Trust that!


STOP JUDGING.. We are living at the mature state of capitalism which means the people are like little mice, running on tread mills, full of fear, working for somebody else….Really? While the most successful among us don’t give a shit. They live their life on their own terms and very often in the extreme levels of food, drink, sleep, excersize, sex,,,you name it. Living life full on without other’s rules!!



This is one of the most dreaded nakshatras actually! My eldest daughter has her Moon in this Nakshatra so I have had no choice but become intimately famiilar with it! The symbol is the yoni , the female white orchid of desire. Yes, sex plays a big role. If you really want to let loose and experience nirvana, the yoni is one doorway. How much of the world gets sold on advertising with the subtle innuendos of the yoni. Come on!! Nirritri, the God of death and destruction! Huh? Don’t you love the vedic wisdom. Let’s face it. My hunch is the greatest moment of pleasure is our transition out of this challenging dimension. There you go! Think about it. Bharani has a lot to teach us. The greatest work of art come from pain. Bob Dylan is a perfect idol for current day Bharani demonstrations.



Yes, by the way, Mars is holding the ground of judgement. No way around it. One way to advance your spiritual evolution is to become aware of where you are judging. Whenever you put your own thought .”i approve” or “ i do not approve”. You are in judgement. Simple to say very difficult to release.


RELAX & RELEASE Stop working so much!!! We did not come here to work all the time my beautiful friends. Start celebrating your existence!! NOW IS GOOD!! JUMP… LOVE ONLY…

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