When looking at any chart the first place I look is at is the transiting eclipse points. In Robin’s case, he has a Libra lagna or ascendant. Up until early July of this year, the eclipses where transiting his lagna. This is the area where we show ourselves to the world. The lagna is our physical presence and the doorway through which we reveal our inner selves. Libra is an ascendant that will go out of their way to please others putting the face that they feel others would like to see. Since Jan.2013, Robin was experiencing a deep intensity in this area. Added to this was the fact that Saturn has also been in Libra since Aug.2012. Saturn creates the feeling of isolation and restriction and is the planet of depression. The combination of Rahu and Saturn would have seriously intensified his feeling of depression.



Robin had a Libra lagna which means the eclipses and Saturn have been pummelling this area of his life for the past 18 months. Here is another message of feelings of isolation and inferiority. He would have been fighting for his balance most recently. There is a good chance he may also have been having relationship issues.

The eclipses have recently moved into the Virgo-Pisces axis. Robin Williams has Jupiter in Pisces. The most significant transit affecting him of late would be Ketu transiting his natal Jupiter.


Jupiter belongs in Pisces where it gives one massive amounts of empathy and the ability for unconditional love. With a deeply empathetic nature comes the deep feelings of pain and suffering in the world. Jupiter in Pisces gives one the ability to pick up on other’s pain so they must be careful on how much negative influence they allow into their lives. There is a great capacity for charity and Robin was known for this.

Jupiter in Pisces also gives the love of intoxication through a fluid; in this case alcohol. Jupiter will go to excess. Pisces loves to see the world through rose coloured glasses.

When Ketu transits it increases the desire to escape and let go. Ketu is also about intoxication, so the combination would have drawn him into his desire to escape and take it to the edge. Pisces rules death.


Robin had his Saturn directly in opposition to his Jupiter. His Saturn was in the 12 house ( Pisces house) in Virgo. This means the other polarity of the recently eclipse movement puts Rahu transiting his Saturn. Like Ketu, Rahu, rules intoxication. This transit would have increased his feeling of isolation and not being good enough. Good enough for whom? If he was still in the judgement phase of his evolution, he would have been his own worst critic. Good enough for his own standards.



This gives him a strong attraction to intoxicated  pleasure.


This is the combination that made him so unusual and wild. He was strongly connected to the collective unconscious and channeled that energy constantly. In my opinion this is where he suffered the most. The Moon is the brain and each of us are wired in our own original way, however, if we do not succeed in taming our cosmic computer, it will run constantly, downloading and processing. This can be overwhelming if you do not learn how to quieten and take control you will never find peace. He was a brilliant genius but was pulled to intoxicants to help him bring his vibration down and give him relief from the overactive brain.


The full Moon was on the Cancer Capricorn axis when he exited. Jupiter has also recently moved into Cancer affecting his Sun and Mercury. Oddly enough, I often find Jupiter to be a strong influence at the time of death. Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and spirituality, which leads me to believe that the physical death is actually a spiritually uplifting experience for the soul. This full Moon would have filled him with emotion and likely caused him to reach for intoxicants which took him out of his conscious state.



Finally, Robin was in his Ketu dasa since 2009. Since March of 2014, he was running Ketu -Saturn, one of the most difficult periods anybody can run.



We are all cosmic ┬ásouls dropping into this local environment for a brief time. Most of us are not perfectly formed when it comes to the physical apparatus- our body. Most never get comfortable in this small vessel which is why intoxicants and medicines are extremely common. Robin had his Moon in Shatabishak which means ‘the hundred healers’. In his short stay he was able to heal millions of people with his humour. In his death he will go on to heal and transform even more. He is a great soul who is surely looking over all of us and laughing as he is finally liberated from trying to pack a massive soul into a small human form. Bless you Robin. Thank you for allowing us to know you exist. In respect.

Love only…



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