Many of you are now exploring the deeper versions of the vedangas ( limbs of the vedas). The word ‘tantra’ has been sweeping the west in recent years and seems to be giving free license to those with natural dakini tendencies to go public. The beauty of the vedic wisdom is that it does include a place for all aspirants, but it would be helpful for the general population to understand that ‘tantra’ has a much deeper source than sex.




Please listen to this extremely good interpretation from Sadguru.




In this offering, I would like to introduce the concept of ‘siddhis’. Siddhi: sanskrit, ‘perfection’, ‘accomplishment’, ‘attainment’. Chitthar: sanskrit, someone who has attained siddhi powers. Chith: sanskrit, pure consciousness. Siddhis are superhuman magical powers that are attained through ‘sadhana’ or the yoga/mediation discipline.

ASHTA SIDDHIS 1.Anima: reducing one’s body to the size of an atom 2.Mahima: expanding one’s body to an infinitely large size. 3.Garima: making one’s body extremely heavy 4.Laghima: making one’s body weightless 5.Prapti: unrestricted access to all places 6.Prakamya: unrestricted achievement of desire 7.Istva: possessing absolute lordship 8.Vastva: the power to subjugate all.




1.tri-kāla-jñatvam: knowing the past, present and future 2.advandvam: tolerance of heat, cold and other dualities 3.para citta ādi abhijñatā: knowing the minds of others 4.agni arka ambu viṣa ādīnām pratiṣṭambhaḥ: checking the influence of fire, sun, water, poison 5.aparājayah: remaining unconquered by others “In the Bhagavata Purana, Lord Krishna describes the ten secondary siddhis as: anūrmi-mattvam: Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and other bodily appetite dūra-śravaṇa: Hearing things far away dūra-darśanam: Seeing things far away manaḥ-javah: Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation/astral projection) kāma-rūpam: Assuming any form desired para-kāya praveśanam: Entering the bodies of others sva-chanda mṛtyuh: Dying when one desires devānām saha krīḍā anudarśanam: Witnessing and participating in the pastimes of the gods yathā sańkalpa saḿsiddhiḥ: Perfect accomplishment of one’s determination ājñā apratihatā gatiḥ: Orders or commands being unimpeded Samkhya In the Samkhya Karika and Tattva Samasa there are references to the attainment of eight siddhis by which one becomes free of the pain of ignorance, one gains knowledge, and experiences bliss. The eight siddhis hinted at by Kapila in the Tattvasamasa are as explained in verse 51 of Samkhyakarika: Uuha: based on the samskaras of previous births, the attainment of knowledge about the twenty-four Tatwas gained by examining the determinable and the indeterminable conscious and the non-conscious constituents of creation, Shabad: knowledge gained by associating with an enlightened person (Guru – upadesh), Addhyyan: knowledge gained through study of the Vedas and other standard ancillary texts, Suhritprapti: knowledge gained from a kind-hearted person, while engaged in the spread of knowledge Daan: knowledge gained regardless of one’s own needs while attending to the requirements of those engaged in the search of the highest truth, Aadhyaatmik dukkh-haan: freedom from pain, disappointment, etc. that may arise due to lack of spiritual, metaphysical, mystic knowledge and experience, Aadhibhautik dukkh-haan: freedom from pain etc. arising from possessing and being attached to various materialistic gains, Aadhidaivik dukkh-haan: freedom from pain etc. caused by fate or due to reliance on fate, The attainment of these eight siddhis renders one no longer in a painful state of ignorance but in possession of greater knowledge and experience of bliss. The aim of Samkhya is to eliminate all kinds of physical and mental pains and to receive liberation. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras[edit] In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras IV.1 it is stated (rendered inIAST): janma auṣadhi mantra tapaḥ samādhijāḥ siddhayaḥ In translation: Accomplishments may be attained through birth, the use of herbs, incantations, self-discipline or samadhi.[16][note 3]” wikipedia




The Masters who attain these powers, often do so through lifetimes of practice. They or even you, may come into this lifetime with some of these powers developed. This is a gift to be honored and respected, not thrown about in blatant display. There are countless stories of those who have used their powers connected to ego and have instantly lost their abilities. Important to know and understand is that all those souls who work to develop such powers are not living in the sattvic place; there is also those with powers who live on the dark side.


My intention here is to draw attention to the depth of tantra and hope that when people use this word, they are doing a little personal investigation into the deeper meaning. Love only…

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