For the next few months Venus will travel back and forth between the 2 royal signs, Cancer and Leo. Cancer is the mother/queen and Leo is the father/king. These two signs hold the seat of royalty and nobility. Venus is the planet of love, pleasure, wealth, abundance,dance,art, party, and good times. Let us look at what specific cosmic frequency you and I can tap into personally to best receive the positive gifts that this planetary transit has to offer.


VENUS IN CANCER – May 31-3015 – JULY 4 ,2015

Venus has been in Cancer. The combination of love and family go well together so you have seen some magnificent stellar night shows in the past month. Venus and the Moon both love to be in Cancer and with each other. Both planets are ,‘benefics’, which means they bring good results. This cycle has come to a close, but only to , ‘reopen’, a little alter this summer when Venus moves in a retrograde motion back into Cancer. Watch for what begins to develop or has recently begun to develop and has kind of left the scene, Know what I mean?

In other words, you may think it is over, but it is not over. Life requires so much patience and unfolds in such unpredictable ways.

No matter what life throws at you come to :Ahimsa: non harming. If you can make that your landing platform you will not create more karma for yourself.

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Leo is the king. Venus rules pleasure. How do you think they get along? Luxury, power, celebration, style, fathering fall under the domain of Leo. As dwellers on this planet we all heat up inside when the planetary luminaries go through hot territory. My advice is to avoid too much sun exposure this summer. Work on keeping your body temple in a cooler state. Too much of this very ‘hot’ energy that is going to happen this summer ( especially when Jupiter moves into Leo on July 14) can and will irritate any areas of your body that are already inflamed. Avoid inflammation on all levels is the advise.

On the other hand, you may experience passion like you have never before. If you were looking to be inspired, this energy will certainly offer that opening. Living your life in an inspired form trumps anything else!

Venus in Leo is about you finding your power. First find where you are 100% inspired because without that energy you cannot find your full power.



Here is the planetary astronomy that causes me to write this article! Venus will now come close to the earth so that it will appear to be going backwards. It will now begin to retrace it’s steps all the way back to 20 degrees of Cancer before it turns direct. There will be powers that dance with intrigue and the comings and goings of any court. The stage is now totally set to bring out the main attraction! What have you been dreaming about? What are you finally ready to birth? For so many of you this will manifest during this cycle. If it is not happening for you use this time to set your most powerful desires into the cosmos. Intention rules. Intention with absolute clarity rules most.

Don’t be alarmed if forward motion chills while this retrograde motion happens. Go to work on the background preparation work that is needed to have your dreams manifest. Journal, mediate, and remember if you have imprinted the cosmos with your desires, it is already done; you do not have to do it again; now your job is to get your self into the same frequency to receive.




Now here is where we see relationships that got started during the first run through coming into fruition. Watch the signs closely so as not to loose the opportunity. So often it is disguised, however, if you are clear in your heart, you will not need to see it because you will feel it. Cancer rules feelings. They are important for those of you who have water in your charts, and not so much for those of you who do not.

Like the retrograde motion in Leo, stay busy working on your foundation, this time emotional.



Venus retrogrades back to 20 degrees of Cancer before it turns to go direct again. Sept.6 and 7th are powerful days.

Again you can expect to see people and situations that left you for emotional issues be ready to deal with the truth. What left you can return, including your own sense of personal power.


When Venus comes back into Leo watch for those powerful connections that got started at the beginning of July to come back into your life. They may have adjusted and readjusted and are now ready to come to you for good. What belongs to you will come your way; that is a cosmic law!



On July 14,2015 Jupiter moves into Leo for the year. For the first part of the journey it will combine energies with Venus. Jupiter will bring abundance and good fortune but also can cause excessive/addictive activity. Use this energy , where ever it falls in your chart, consciously to take advantage of this very powerful combination. Essentially this can boost your passion and power in whatever area it falls within your chart.

Jupiter and Venus together in Leo is one of the most potent combinations for power.

On a global level this produces even more heat. We will see fires and explosions.

VENUS INTO VIRGO`NOV.3. This is where we stop for this article!! It will be good to reflect on what has transpired while the 2 royal dignitaries visited their home signs or celestial temples. Venus is debilitated in Virgo. This will be a different conversation.


Love only…

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