Most people who read my work  globe trot like me. We have been on more airplane takeoffs and landings than we can count. Take offs are the very opposite to landings. Personally I much prefer take offs which are actually the more dangerous part of the journey, but when the trip comes to an end the fuel is almost used up, except for emergency, so there is no choice but to land, despite the conditions at the moment.

If you have travelled a lot you will have had a few of those flights that prolong the landing because of bad weather, so up you go, in the scary dark sky and get into the circle of other large aircraft waiting for the call to land. In many cases, in this situation, the weather does not actually get better, rather the plane is running out of fuel and has no choice but to come down through the pounding rain, wind and lightning.

In those moments of rocky descent, everyone on the plane is quietly praying .

In many ways we are in such a situation with our global crisis.


Pisces rules endings, and it rules prayer.

Prayer is often associated with endings, is it not?

Prayer is just having a conversation with the divine part of the universe that is connected to our soul via an invisible force.

People with very strong Pisces planets usually have a strong connection to the spiritual aspect of life. They not only pray for themselves, they pray for everyone else.

Prayer has already proven to be a real force. During this new moon, it is an excellent time to go into some prayer. It is also an excellent time to honor endings that are happening, or that have to happen.

Oddly enough, prayer is also very connected to our relationship to money. :-)


There is a move by a certain unelected group who call themselves, ‘elite’, to push the ending of the fossil fuel era towards a different type of energy. There is so much politics wound up in this situation, for the average citizen, they have no way of knowing which end is up.

The US dollar which has been ruling the global currencies in recent history is called the ,’petro dollar’, since this is the world’s most essential trading resource. This dollar has been corrupted to such a massive extent that its’ value is no longer valid. We are witnessing the shifting on a global scale as the war is actually not really about gas or currency but corruption vs. truth. Gas is just the actor in the play.



In fact free energy has existed forever, but has been hidden from the masses. We have been kept on very old technology, like planes. In fact, we need not pay for energy. It exists in unlimited reserves in our universe.



Venus just moved into Aquarius to join Jupiter. This is going to push rebellion and revolution even more as people push for their personal freedom. Such is a time on earth.

Venus and Jupiter , the two first rate benefics work so well together in an attempt to raise the frequency of truth. Aquarius rules revolution.


At this same time we have the two first rate malefics very strong in Capricorn causing the old guard to try to keep their old ways. Antiquated corrupt government agencies asserting power that was never granted to them, yet they somehow have.

A return to gold back currency is underfoot at represents a coming to our senses with honesty.


Mercury is severely afflicted now. This means that irrational action caused by emotion and lack of communication can activate.


Yet another kala sarpa. This is like sitting at a poker table and drawing difficult hands again and again and again.

This new moon is not easy. Because we are all connected we will all participate in one way or another. If you think that you are not contributing, trying praying. If you are no a warrior, you can be a spiritual warrior. Now is good.


In addition to all of this the Sun is having a massive coronal flare which will hit the earth on this new moon, or day after. Be aware.


Love only…


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