The lunar sign of this full moon is Bagua, the God of wealth and luxury. There is no question that we are in an era that is obsessed with the concept of luxury, mainly because of the result of marketing.

We are constantly being bombarded with brands. I would even go so far as to call it a , “Brand Era”.

In one way it is great because it is causing many to become very creative as they express themselves through their own creations. God is all about creation.

On the other hand, it sets up a division within those who have and those who do not have. Those who are the richest in the world, feel as they never have enough and are constantly pressured to keep up with changing styles of clothes, cars and cell phones.

As much as it is great, it is also an illusion.


Social media has infiltrated our lives in such a rapid pace, it is hard to remember a life without it.

In my own work, over the past few years, almost everybody brings up an interference in their personal world caused by comments or pictures on their social media. It is a slippery slope because it is so easy to distort the truth to cause a reaction.

Such is the case with this advertising siting luxury.

In short it is easy to suggest something that is simply not true. If you have people who are pushing ideas who are working behind a screen, rather than actually having the experience, there is a disconnect. But such is the world of advertising.

Now, more than ever, it is important to be grounded within and have an understanding of the truth of this concept of luxury.


I would say luxury is about comfort.

The thing is once you are comfortable, how much more comfortable can you become?

No matter how much more well made the object of luxury becomes, if you are not comfortable within your soul, it will not make a difference.


This is a critical point and important to understand.

Once you are comfortable you can access the feeling of luxury. If you can grab onto this and relish it deeply, you can access, luxury.

True sophistication and elegance is not created by clothes or fancy cars, but from the person.


Virgo is about perfection. Virgo people can become very disappointed when the details of life do not add up to their expectations.

Virgo fits with luxury because it is about creating a better tasting food, or more comfortable bed…

Coming back to the inside job, luxury will only be fully felt when one feels healthy inside the body. Paramount to cultivating and living in a luxurious frequency is being able to hold bliss and satisfaction within the body mind temple.

Virgo rules healing and health.


This full moon reflect on your relationship to luxury.

Check in to see how much bliss you are able to hold in your brain.

Also identify what you would like to upgrade in your own environment ( without being impacted by the marketing of others).

The full moon is about celebration, so also take the time to celebrate your successes.

Life is a journey and having the ability to enjoy it is a state of luxury.

Love only…


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