Somebody once told me something that rings so true. When your body mind temple is in a vibrational frequency of prayer or sacred release, the sweat will form into tiny balls. These balls are prayer beads. Over time I have observed this with my own yoga practise and find it to be true. Sweat is the release of your body water and as we now know water has memory and can shift instantly based on thoughts that are directed at it.



This new Moon is in Cancer, ruled by water. You and your earth are at least 72% water.


We now have conclusive evidence that water is imprinted by thoughts, music, and feelings. Essentially this means that your thoughts and feelings imprint the water in your vessel. Your thoughts govern the imprint that the water holds. Think about it!!



The new Moon is always about new beginnings. With the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus is Cancer, the theme is aqua! Cut to the chase. If you want to feel blissed out it will depend on the energy you are imprinting on the water you are holding within your own cells, period! No way around it.

This is an ongoing daily moment by moment process. When you find yourself thinking anything negative which will only be directed at 2 sources, your self or another, stop, reboot and begin again. With time you will become better at recognizing and building another channel for your water way.



Mars can be destructive in Cancer. Mars in Cancer is anger within the family. The vedas have made this energy,’debiliated’, meaning weakening. Now, doesn’t almost all anger result from some inception in the family structure?

First is to clear what is there from your past. This may take years of therapy or you may be able to get it done in a few auyuasca journeys. It doesn’t really matter for the only one who really suffers is you because you will project outwards whatever you are holding within. It is a cosmic law.

This new Moon identify if you are still holding anger. Can you release it with some months of hot yoga sweating? Now is good!



Venus moves back into Cancer just in time to join this new Moon. This means Mars and Venus are together bringing the yin and yang into the arena of your emotional body. How does it feel? How do you feel? What would you like to begin now that will move you into a more peaceful , loving compassionate space? Venus retrograde will bring people and issues out of the closet and dump them on your lap. Be ready. Be honest.



Well, the Sun and Moon are aligned at 27 degrees of Cancer, which falls into the lunar sign of Ashlesha, which is pretty much in the top 3 sexiest frequencies of the zodiac. Where ever Cancer falls within your own chart is where this energy will activate.

The quality that creates the sexy energy is an edgy sauciness that is willing to dive into the intensity of being entangled in the passion for another. Ashlesha is also dangerous because it can put you under a spell as you go deeper into your feelings. Like any lake you dive into, you want to know that you have the strength and knowledge of how to get out when you want. Herein lies the twist with this new Moon. Circumstances may arise that pull you into relationships and circumstances that will challenge your ability to stay grounded and with a positive spin in your water cells. Be the observer.

On the other hand there is enough force with this planetary combination to give you the courage and force to deal with uncomfortable relations that need fixing. Remember if you are hurting, so are they. Be the bigger person to show up in a mature way. You don’t have to stay long. You don’t have to explain yourself. You just offer your love and forgiveness and be on your way. Guard your personal integrity to protect your water element.


This can be a good time to begin a new biz venture if done with clarity and intention.



Become more conscious of the water you injest. Leave your water in a copper pot over night before drinking it. Add essential oils, and trace minerals and loving thoughts to the water before you put it in your body. Yes, it will make a difference.

If I can encourage one thing with this post, is to start to take much greater care of the water you drink so that by  the time it passes into your lips it is imprinted in the most beautiful way that aligns with your intention. If you do this , you may start to see more prayer beads on your body when you sweat.

Love only…

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