The Sun is centre of our life. Without the Sun’s energy we do not live. Within each of us is a little piece of our Sun. We are miniature copies of our home galaxy.


The Sun is at home in Leo. This is the royal seat of the king. The most important placement for the Sun is at 8 degrees which is the place of the star Regulus. Regulus is said to be 100x more brilliant than the Sun. This cosmic frequency is the ‘kingmaker’.

This week the Sun passes through this zone.


Jupiter is the planet of the teacher, the priest, the philosopher healer. Jupiter is the most noble frequency of honor and truth at it’s highest level. Jupiter is also the planet of wealth, luck and expansion.  When Jupiter joins it’s energy to another planetary luminary there can be exponential expansion.

This week Jupiter is totally aligned with the Sun in Leo.

We will see global posturing and wild swings in economy and weather. Everything will be extreme.



Where does 9 degrees of Leo fall in your chart? This is where your personal energy will be activated.

You can experience a surge of energy to increase your capacity in this area. Use this extra cosmic fire activation energy to propel yourself to where you want to be. In order for anything really great to happen you must find and feel your personal value.


YOU, YES, YOU! You are incredibly special and sacred and capable of so much more than you even realize. You are a vessel that requires food, water, and positive influence in order to feel good. If you put in the wrong food, or live in an area that is full of chaos, you will never find your peace. You need peace in order to rest. Rest is essential to regeneration. If you do not take the time, or listen to the inner messages that tell you to make changes, you will weaken. A weakened body mind complex cannot make good choices and decisions. To feel your value you must first attend to your environmental conditions.

The energy that is available to you at this time can catapult you to your highest most noble position that rightfully belongs to you.


We all need teachers. This vedic wisdom puts the teacher or guru at the highest position. You can have many teachers over your lifetime, or even just one. There is no judgement. The point is, find one who resonates with you. Also it may be your time to step into the role of being a teacher.

We live in an incredible era with the internet. Youtube is now full of great teachers offering their wisdom.  A teacher will recognize your value and be able to guide you in the direction that is suitable for you to attain your greatest expression.




……… is good!


Love only…

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