You and me and everyone that you know is made up of  mostly space. We may look like solids but we are not. In fact we are constantly losing cells and replacing them, so even our organs and bones ( the more solid part) are also constantly regenerating. Our bodies, when we vacate, go back to the earth. So then, who are we and what are we?


We are a life form that has awareness of itself. I have learned that it is good to see that there are cosmic laws that work and to fall back and trust in the process. The human brain is way too small to be able to compute the big picture. What we can do is get to know our own self and explore our own consciousness. That itself, if you embrace it, is enough. You will find that once you sort through and wipe clean the negative programming, what is left is love and respect.

The focus of this full moon is consciousness.


Sure there are some areas of life that require linear thought patterns however, the more magical creative and exciting part of existence is around how you feel when you follow your intuition. Intuition is a metaphysical experience showing you that you are connected to the cosmic field of consciousness that has the answers. You all know that when you follow the first inner direction given to you by who knows what from who knows where, you will be steered in the right direction. Right?

Aquarius and Shatabishak represent that arena of life: Intuition.


The cosmic zone that is activated with this full moon is about flowers and healing and humanity. It is about out of the box thinking and non thinking ( intuition) that create harmony. Are you friends with your intuition?


While the Moon is in Aquarius which rules humanity, the Sun is in Leo, which rules the self. Again we see the deep eloquence of this language called Jyotisha. Our life is a constant play between meeting our individual needs while also contributing to the needs of our society.


These two cosmic governors are heavily involved in the earthy game at the moment. Mars is blind with ambition while Mercury is working to keep heart centred communication alive. We all dream of world peace. Every generation dreams of world peace. First find peace within. Your world is a projection of your consciousness.

Love only…

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