Managing your pleasure is an art and requires discipline.

One glass of champagne at the right time, with respect, gives pleasure.

A bottle of champagne does not give more pleasure.

One bowl of ice cream at the right time, with respect, gives pleasure.

A carton of ice cream turns pleasure to pain.

It goes on for everything…


This may seem like a light question but, for those who live in developed countries, it actually can prove to be the most important subject of your life. Addiction leads to depression. Rich countries are facing unprecedented numbers of people with depression in this generation. It is important to note that discipline and pleasure are proper partners.


Very often the problem is not obvious. If you are suffering from depression or addiction, try taking your focus away from your problem and focus more on discipline. Mornings can be difficult because they represent another day that you can fail. Make the priority in your life to get up early, out the door and exercise. Commit to your discipline and build on that. Make your focus positive and make discipline your friend before everything else. Never give up on this.


Life is not an easy journey. It is a school. You are here because you have not yet passed to the next stage of evolution. If you can come to terms with that and realize that not getting on with getting past your addiction to feeling sorry for yourself, you will remain in this loop. The good news is that you can get out of the loop. It requires discipline.


Consciousness has levels and at the higher levels of consciousness, pain and pleasure almost become one. Once you can train your mind to be calm, you will cease to swing wildly between pain and pleasure. You will become more of an observer as you stay in a middle road of balance.


Where ever you have leo in your chart is the place that you are likely to have a draw towards pleasure. If you are in balance, your pleasure will be a welcome moment by moment gratitude for life and experience, despite the situation.

Your Leo is your power centre.

Your Leo is your connection to the Sun.

Your Leo is your 3rd chakra point of personal wellbeing.


This lunar sign is ruled by Venus. This is where passion burns and fuels action. This is the frequency where you connect with the element of fire and spirit and feel your connection to spirit.

The new moon is a time to ignite or reignite.

Are you in alignment with your passion?

Does discipline have a strong seat in your life?

Is your pleasure able to be expressed in a flowing way without guilt?

Now is the time to refocus on your goals and ways of BEING. NEVER GIVE UP!

Find the LEO energy in your own soul and be fierce with your commitment to grrrrrow!

Know your Chart, Know yourself.

Love only…


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