For the past month I have been seeing 22:22 everywhere and I know others who are too. Are you?

How interesting that this new moon has the sun and moon lined up at 22.04 .

I suppose it is a new portal that is causing influence.

Even more interesting is this Lion’s Gate portal which is considered the 8/8.


I am writing this entry from San Marcos, Guatamala, a funky little international spiritual hangout for international travellers that is combined with an ancient indigenous mayan culture where the girls and women all wear the typical woven garb. It’s charming.

We are at 7000 ft sea level in the deepest lake in central america; in fact, it is a calderon surrounded by numerous active volcanoes.

What I just learned a few days ago is that this area is called the Lion’s Gate by the ancient race that have inhabited this area. They claim to be able to shapeshift into lions, thus the name. Another thing I just learned is that the 8th of the 8th is also called the Lion’s Gate.

So here I am on the new moon in Cancer ( with Mars and Venus in Leo), clearly tapped in to the Lion’s Gate!

What does it mean?

Sun and Sirius move closest to Earth and align with Orion’s belt. Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky. I am not going to try to create anything nostalgic or new, neither look at other references, rather, let’s just look closely at what the current planets have to say in this moment.


Ashlesha is the lunar sign that is represented by the kundalini. It is located in Cancer which is the Mother and giver of Life. The kundalini energy is our , ‘pilot light’, if you will, that spark of light that sits at the base of our body and gives us our connection to fire/spirit and the ability to become enlightened.

Ashlesha is so powerful that it can dip into the dark side if the power is misused.

There is no question that we are living out a surreal time in history. We are watching millions walking themselves to their death because of a mismanaged use of kundalini energy. When your body and kundalini energy is healthy, your mind is sharp and you are able to navigate your life intuitively and intelligently, in a way that you are clear of harm. An active kundalini will also give you the  ability to heal yourself and others.


What is obvious at this stage in history is that the majority of society has not taken full responsibility for their existence.

The body is a gift and a temple, a housing for our eternal sacred soul. Our job and our job alone, is to keep the temple in good condition.

When the body is healthy, the kundalini is able to be active, and one can access full consciousness and powers of manifestation that are our natural state of Being.

Sadly, most will invest more in maintaining their cars and gadgets than in their own bodies!

This new moon is a good time to revisit your connection to your kundalini.

If you feel super aware and alive and have the sexual energy pulsing through your body, you can give yourself some respect and honor.

If you feel overwhelmed and out of control, unsafe and low life force, now is a good time to invest in your body. Begin with your body.

Perhaps the Lions’ Gate is a portal that one can access when conditions are right.

Cancer is about nurturing. It all begins with the love you have for yourself.

Know this: The mind does not know the difference between actual events and imagined events, if you are fully involved. A very important aspect of improving your lot is to move into your imagination and create your health in the causal world first. If you are super intentional, your imagination will manifest into the material. Now is good.


Mars and Venus are both in Leo currently. Mars is in Magha, which is, essentially the most powerful cosmic frequency, it’ means, ‘the mighty one’.

If there is a gate or portal to access just now, it would be through the Leo frequency, that is in fact, with us in spades with this new moon.

My hope is that the masses will feel this and step through as a global entity to assert a benefic expression of power.

On a personal level, where does Leo fall in your chart? This is where the activation field is for you.

The way that you will add to global stability, is to become completely empowered in your own world.

I encourage each of you to do a meditation, take some time out on this day 8/8 to assess and commit to achieving your highest possible frequency.

Remember miracles and unexpected events that enrich and empower you, very seldom come from a linear, hard working source, rather from a magical connection that happens because you are in tune.

Of course this will require you to ask this question: What am I tolerating? Get the answer, and take action.Now is good! JUMP!


Look outside of the normal.

Pay attention to the signs.

Allow yourself to finally ,’get it’, so that you can evolve.

Be kind and compassionate, but go boldly on your path of empowerment.

Let people, places, situations, belief systems, and habits go during this new moon portal opening.

I believe there is something to this 22. Be in partnership. Be your own greatest fan. Be the lover you wish to attract.

Allow yourself to step through a portal of empowerment in this new moon.

Love only…




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