This full moon is the  polarity of Leo: the King vs. Aquarius : the People.

The beauty and deep eloquence of Jyotishi never ceases to amaze me. Astrology, like pretty much everything else we experience in this dimension,  functions on polar opposites. Each full moon presents with a polarity that  belongs to that time of year.  In this case, we are in the heat of summer and the Sun is travelling through the constellation of Leo, the King. The polar opposite is Aquarius. Let us examine this cosmic frequency today.

  1. Pharoh
  2. High Priests and Officials
  3. Aritisans and Craftsmen
  4. Farmers and Laborers
  5. Servants and Slaves


Such a nice word, but what does it actually mean?  Here  is the Webster interpretation.

: supreme power especially over a body politic
b: freedom from external control : AUTONOMY
c: controlling influence

With this full moon we have, not only the exalted Sun, but Mars and Mercury in Leo. Leo is comfortable with supreme power. Go figure…So one can be sovereign to a state or a person. This is not a bad thing as many people struggle with direction and leadership. A benevolent King that rules over a state, can be a beautiful thing. It is a father figure taking care of his flock. People are basically herd pack animals by nature, so feeling that their sovereignty is to a political parent, if you will, can be very comforting.

What happens when the king is not benevolent?


Here we have the same concept but to one’s self. I am sovereign unto myself is a concept that one owns the ultimate power to an internal source, rather than external. Let’s say that, in this current era, 20 or 24% of people are autonomous. Clearly is this not the majority.


I guess when you get right down to it, the pivotal factor is the controlling influence. Is the controlling influence very clear and comforting? Because it is always binary and opposite in this dimension, anything that is unclear falls into the uncomforting zone. Clarity is clarity, itself is simple. Anything that lacks clarity is unclear.

How does it feel to be in a state of sovereignty ? Powerful. Leo like.

How does it feel when the masses feel they are out of integrity?


Aquarius rules the masses via communities. Ideally we like to see a happy community that are sovereign to each other based on a similar controlling influence, ie. believe patterns, cultural traditions, or constitutions.

The Moon is highlighted as it is a full moon in Aquarius. Jupiter, the planet that removes obstacles is very close to the Moon, so if you look up, it is Jupiter that is  beside the Moon in the sky. Jupiter is the high priest of the wise and benefic pantheon of Gods.

There is no question we are at a acupuncture point in history, a very sensitive point that will explode into consciousness in some way with this full moon.


The nakshatra that rules this full moon is the lovely Dhanishta. Dhanishta is the drum. In all indigenous cultures we find the drum.The drum beats within us as our heartbeat.

The quest with Dhanistha is to beat to the sound of your own drum.

When we can do this authentically, we follow, our heart. Yes, it is our heart that is the core GBS of the human form.

Each of us has a drum within that we must assume responsibility for governance. Above all, be sovereign to your heart.

This full moon is a good time to examine this subject as it is the current cosmic weather forecast!

Love only…





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