Jyotisha is so rich in wisdom for us.

The signs are divided into cardinal, fixed and mutable. They are also divided into singular and dual. Each of these subjects is worthy of in depth analysis. Just understanding these two divisions in your own chart can help you understand a lot about your inherent human nature as you exist in this space and time.

This full moon falls in the Sagg/Gemini axis. Gemini is the quintessential sign of duality. :-)

Let’s jump into duality.



The other dual signs are Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces, each of them with their own unique flavor.

Gemini is a dual mutable air sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication and movement and generally functions on a rather superficial level. Don’t think of this as a bad thing. We are called to communicate and move around on a daily basis. Gemini rules that domain. I call it the chit chat, what do you feed your cat sign.

Each of us have a defining voice which, if you listen very carefully will tell you a lot about a person. The voice is the music of the instrument and the body is built of fibers that produce sound via air. As you evolve and transform your voice will alter slightly.

Each of us has a defining walk. You can see someone coming from a long way away just from watching their walk. As you evolve and transform your walk will shift.

Each of us has a unique sound of laughter. Think about the difference between a child’s laughter vs. that of a wisened matured elder.

All of this falls under Gemini.

Mercury is how we move around, how we sound and how we communicate. There is an inherent nature that each of us each have based on our chart, and then there is how it develops with time.

Listening to your own voice is an excersize in self understanding. Cultivating your walk is an excersize in awareness.

So you see the constant movement through the element of air/space?

There is constant change.

Mercury rules curiosity which leads to exploration. Exploration of what? Well, your duality. We live in a world of north pole, south pole, day, night and our bodies only run on a fight or flight setting calledsympathetics or a sleep and healing setting called parasympathetics. Our brain is ruled by the circadian rhythm of dark and light.  This is our reality. This is our duality.

Duality does not need to be dark, although extreme pain and suffering can push a person into this zone.

Plant medicine is great for allowing you to look into your duality which is generally lodged in your subconscious mind.

Some charts are loaded with dual signs which makes them go after exploration of their many character facets. It is normal for them.

With this full moon meditate on your own duality. Is it happy and peaceful or is it calling you to act out your repression?

Be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself first so that you are able to forgive others. We are humans with a bilateral system learning how to navigate. Gemini rules walking and if you really want to get to understand your own duality go for a long walk!


This is the lunar sign or nakshatra that falls in the constellation Orion. It rules the,’beginning of a search’. “the ruling planet is Mars, reflecting the spiritual warrior searching for truth’ according to Dennis Harness.

It is a mridu or soft and tender nakshatra that we find in the charts of many people who are very beautiful. It means’, the antelope’s head’, think about a baby deer and how that beauty and softness instills a certain sweetness.

Each of us has this energy somewhere within us. This full moon take time to embrace the sweet soft side of your nature.

Remember that silence is also a powerful way to communicate.

Love only…




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