My beloved students of Jyotisha. We live in a dimension of dark and light. It’s just the way it is here.

This new moon in scorpio with ketu and then mars is dark. No way around it.

The question is how do we use our mystical powers to counterbalance with light. If there ever was a time in our lives, it is now.

Be informed. Be conscious. Be clear. Be a force of light and love.

Here we are with back to back eclipses, last one full moon and this one new moon, both focused on the Scorpio frequency.

This new moon has planets lines up like this.

Ketu-7.34 scorpio

Moon-18.12 scorpio

Sun -18.12 scorpio

Mercury-21.03 scorpio

Let’s break it down.


Ketu is the non physical world, the hidden world. Considering we use about 10% of our brain consciously , sleep half of our life, and have no idea what our future holds, Ketu is a very important player in this cosmic field.

The mind is a computer that can become clogged with viruses so can not always be depended upon to provide proper direction. The good news is that we can clean out the viruses and train the mind to be a tool that works for us in a way that we can depend on as a guidance tool.

The body, specifically the heart, is also designed to steer us in proper direction. Listening to the first ( very impt) message that is produced by the heart is the key. Having a mental argument with your heart is counterproductive and confuses the body, so after a while you do not trust your own heart messages.

So how do we work with Ketu?

Well this is what all of this mystical manifestation work we do is all about.

Our bodies are vessels for our souls. The mind is the computer, but the soul is the real processor.

Ketu is connected to our soul.

But the soul, is the key. The soul is the touchstone.


Your brilliance is your divine soul. Try to feel your soul. I keep on trying and have not succeeded. What does our soul feel like?

Can you feel your soul?

Your soul is the divine spark of creation that travels from lifetime to lifetime and dimension to dimension. Your soul is the part of God that is lucky enough to exist.


I am so sorry to be needing to impart dark info these days but this eclipse period from Sept.20,2020- March 17,2022 are under the influence of scorpio and taurus. Ketu in scorpio is the dark side which puts my responsibility to explain. Scorpio is all about power. Ketu is secrets and hidden agendas. We are now clear about that.

Know that as we head into the aquarian age, there is a higher understanding of the unseen world that this previous piscean age.

The concept is very difficult to grasp, but for those that understand that the essence of the human is not the body or mind, rather the soul. The soul can be captured in a non physical warfare.  The whole concept is frightening especially since we can’t even identify our own soul to protect it; or can we?


This new moon commit to protecting your own soul.

Bathe your soul housing in grounding frequencies that support the soul. Hours and hours touching a cell phone or computer directly, or being subject to electrical/magnetic/radiation  energies from cell towers will pollute the unseen environment.

Grounding is where you walk barefoot in nature. Surprisingly barefoot is a softer experience than you would think.

Bio hacking technologies are amazing these days.

Regenerating under the sun and moon, however, it is not recommended to be outside too much during eclipses.

Avoiding anything that drains your energy.

Make a conscious statement to the universe that you are the protector of your soul and no thing can interfere.


Of the 27 lunar signs this one may well be the most fierce because it is focused on power.

The main deity is Indra, King of the Gods, and protector of heroes. He is the ‘dragon slayer’.


So mars moves into Scorpio on the 5th to join this dance. Yikes. Mars belongs in Scorpio and Ketu acts like mars. Expect aggression both globally and from those who are feeling unprotected and fearful in their personal lives.

This is like adding nitro glyceride to the mix.

On a personal level rise in your personal accountability. Rise in your own unseen power. Now is good!

Love only….



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