The Gemini – Sagittarius axis is all about information. Vedic astrology basically divides it into a local and current news vs. international deep wisdom and higher knowledge. Understanding this proves to be very useful.

This last full moon of 2020  falls into Gemini.


In many ways the Gemini energy is prevalent in the current time. The Aquarian Age will will not be so interested in gender. Enjoy it because it is a fading distinction that may even be nonexistent in 2000 years.  This moves sex into the brain.


The Sun and Moon are opposite one another at this degree. Four is a foundation number and the sign of Cancer, family and business while in Chinese the number means death. Let’s observe what happens…


Planet: Mercury

Quality: Dwiswababa- changeble

Element: Air

Gemini is the light hearted, youthful mercurial energy that does not give that much power to the spoken word ( unless there are other factors in the chart that ground it.).

It represents whatever is going on in the local environment or news which includes gossip and that which may only be true for the current moment.

We cannot judge. Gemini finds out what is going on. When people gather and start to communicate many situations arise. Gemini always wants to have fun and keep it light but can bring up the truth in a kind of very matter of fact way.

There are two nakshatras inside of Gemini, one more light and one not so much. Ardra is Gemini but with a very sharp edge. This is the communication that cannot help but tell the truth as it spills out of the tongue. Ardra also features in surprise attacks. This includes unexpected conversations or trips. There is a deep duality engrained in Gemini which can also affect sexuality or bisexuality.

Ardra is the hard fast truth.



Seduction has an element of power and mystique and such is this energy.

Ketu is also the loss of money and the loss of power. Ketu can also be your access to your hidden power. I believe ketu rules the crypto currency which is a kind of invisible money. We see a rise in this new currency.

Where is this configuration in your chart? What is it activating?

Did you know that the local indigenous of Australia predicted and honored the date of Dec.20,2020 as the time when the underground part of Ayers Rock, which is meant to be crystal, will activate. This is interesting.


There are no exact sources that tell us exactly when this new age begins but, in my opinion I believe it has begun. This conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter ( which are now moving apart) is structure. Saturn will actually move into Aquarius by 2023. What a priveledge to be alive at a change of ages.

We incarnate to experience duality and challenges.

What do you wish to shift in order to survive in the coming year?

Love only…










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