If you are walking through Hell keep walking….

This solar eclipse new moon may be the most important one in recent history.

The frequency is at an all time low point.

The Moon is debilitated, Gandanta  and with with Ketu,.

Mercury is combust and 4 of the 5 planets in this convergence are in Jyeshtha.

Yikes! I mean double yikes.

So often I am asked the question is this good or bad and 99% of the time I answer that I do not see it as good or bad except in very rare circumstances. This is one of those circumstances.

My wish for all of you is that you are in a place that you love, with whom you love, doing what you love being 100% authentic.

The best thing that can happen is nothing, however, it is too late for that.

Many of you are shaking your heads, saying, ‘what just happened to our world?” . How did it suddenly turn upside down?


Aquarius rules computer, AI and air born waves of technology.

To this point, it was unclear as whether the Aquarian Age had begun. Not any more.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

As an Astrologer we do not judge. Good or bad preconceptions only clouds proper perception.

The Piscean Age was a mutable water sign ruled by Jupiter so was a sensitive religious epoch.

The Aquarian Age is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn which could not be more different than Pisces.

Emotional sensitivity will not longer rule. Large scale groups will take over small family run business. Air waves will fill the air in many different forms. Genders will dissolve. …


Why did you reincarnate during this period? If you are reading this, the answer is likely that you are here to stand for the Light. I am not sure how it works in other dimensions, but here, the darker it gets, the lighter is also must become. We live in this Yin Yang polarity.

This dimension is filled with this endless dichotomy.

We have to choose. Dark or Light.

This eclipse will push forward the current eclipse patterns that began on Sept.20, 2020.

I am adding a piece I wrote in Oct.


I have hesitated in writing this piece because I only deliver that which comes from a place of honest inspiration. One Oct.7, the inspiration has hit. Let me frame the setting. It is high noon in Mayan Riviera. I am sitting in the canopy in the jungle in the Sacbe Temple ( outside of Playa del Carmen, Mex) where I spent the night with Shekinah ( my dog and spirt animal) ,and a guardian Mayan, having just experienced my first hurricane. Shekinah has asked to be in the car now where she is hiding under the drivers side on the floor. She has the need to retreat to a place of safety after this traumatic experience. Of course, she did not know that a hurricane was coming, and when it hit our roles reversed and I became her guardian. A role I treasure.
Now the storm has passed and my angels are, as usual, taking care of my wellbeing. Three Mayans who have innate respect for me because I am allowed to stay in the temple , and I have a deep honor of the situation because I am allowed to stay in the Temple.
We must remember always that there are no mistakes. Our greater soul navigates our way for our barely conscious bodies. The key is to allow and trust and to remain in reverence at all times.
I feel alive and inspired.
I feel ready to discuss this next eclipse phase we are in collectively. ( I have been putting this off  but now it is the time to pay sharp attention. )


Taurus is the earth. Mother Earth; Gaia.
This hurricane happened when the Moon was in Taurus with Rahu. Rahu exaggerates everything. This hurricane was labeled Delta for its’ size.
This next 18 months we will see and hear Gaia speak loudly. Others have been trying to take her job of weather control and they will see that there is no competition for the great spirit of our earth.

As one’s who are born here, we must remember that we have direct access to Gaia. We can supersede any of the disruptions that are not organic. We do this with understanding that IT IS TRUE, and we must have FAITH.
Where most fall apart is that deep inside they do not have faith that there is a higher force .When you look at your size in relation to the the sky above how could you not know that, on the deepest layer, there is order. ( even if order is at times chaos).
My message is that, once you find true humility and respect, the ear of Gaia will open to you and you will then have true power. You will have the power to talk to the wind and the water and the spirit of the earth that hosts you. Once you understand that you are also an element that is meant to be in the dance, you will have your say. You will not be afraid because you know that your existence matters.
Rahu in Taurus is the elements of nature.
This is a time to realign with nature and remember that you are also a spirit animal. During this next 17 months you may find yourself in an explosion of elements, be it fire or water, and the animals may come to you for help. You can only help if you understand and value your SELF as part of the creation, who has within you, the God Molocule.
This is a time to understand your Value as a part of nature. The lesson is all around VALUES- this begins with You with You!
1. Understand your own Vedic birth chart, so you are clear what gifts you have to offer .
2. Be physically as grounded and strong as you can be. This involves the various herbs and oils that nature produces for us. I will supply a list of what I. Believe to be the most important tools for immunity.
3. Honor yourself as a part of nature- go into nature and get out of your fear zone.

Since we live in a dimension of polarity there is alway anti gravity or a polar opposite. This is a cosmic rule that we live under while here on earth. I see many speaking about the higher dimensions but as far a I can see, I live here in what I consider to be the 2nd dimension. Are we not meant to master this dimension before we can move higher?
Should we not get busy getting aligned into this dimension?
By now you should understand the lessons that are thrown in your face to learn? This is the time to get honest and move forward with winning when it comes to your lessons. Never mind ascending when you have not mastered your fears.
Keto in Scorpio will be about fear and power. When you are fearful you are powerless
This next phase will have all of us facing our fears.
The Corona Virus is a planned attack on humanity and is working because almost everybody would rather let some unknown entity take care of their wellbeing. Well this has caused a huge problem. People all over the globe go easily into fear and instability so they are loosing their power. Is that you?
Even those who have not are shunned and ridiculed. The time is bizarre.
Keto in Scorpio will see many who loose power.
If you wish this not to be you, you must be willing to go out of your comfort zone.
You must find your place beside nature.
What Is the worst that can happen?
You die?
You die anyways! The question is how do you die? Helpless and in fear or empowered and cosmically aligned? Believe it or. not , it makes a difference.


My Beloved readers, as you know I am not nostalgic and stay away from prediction. This current eclipse is somehow a very dark day/ period.  Many years ago I read a great book I would recommend to anyone called The Coming Plague. In this study I learned that health of society is also a business and associated with Power. Sigh….


Prayers, mediation, sleep, rest. Care for yourself, your loved ones and your planet.

Love only…


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