I have already written about this new planetary line up that will affect us until mid Sept. It is intense enough that it deserves another look. On May 20th, Mars moves into Scorpio which means it will join Saturn. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio so is therefore in a place of power. Mars is the planet of war. Saturn is already in Scorpio and will support Mars. Saturn is in Jyesthta seeking power. But what makes this combination so potent? Why am I bringing it up again? Well, the best explanation is actually coming from western astrology; it’s called a T-square.



When planets are in opposition the energy is stuck in a back and forth loop; there is no point of release. When one or two or however many, are 90 degrees from each of the two ends, it creates a chimney like effect, now there is a release point for the stress. Whatever frequency the ‘smoke stack’ holds determines how the energy is funnelled. Make sense?

T Squares can be created by cardinal, fixed or mutable planets as well as the 4 elements: earth, air, fire or water. It’s extremely complicated and highly mathematical. Each permutation creates a different result. In this case the TSquare is all in fixed signs.

Fixed energy creates stubborness and inability to move forward, a block to resolution. With this particular combination of planets, this energy rules in spades. Of course it can’t be all dark, and I stay away from prediction as much as possible, but in this case, there is no question that we will see some major aggression on our beloved planet.



The redeeming quality of Scorpio is the ability to suppress feelings in the effort to exert control. Control is the major ‘feeling’. Water is meant to flow but sometimes it is stagnant  and unforgiving and vindictive. In the extreme it is cruelty.

“ Absolute power corrupts absolutely”



The main thrust of this combination will be until July because Jupiter is in Leo joining Rahu until July. Jupiter in combination with Rahu causes extreme explosions. I already wrote a entry called ,‘Fire Power’, explaining this.



Aquarius is the energy of the tribes and the new age and personal freedoms. From now until the end of March planets will be passing through Aquarius and aligning with Ketu, with means the loss of thes freedom, or the denial of freedom. This area also creates the intellectual secrets, which means the power statements will be, for the mostpart, a suprise or at least, unexpected. I have already pin pointed the exact dates on the Fire Power entry.



While we care about about our brothers and sisters who are suffering on our planet,the question always arises, ‘what does it mean for me”.  Essentially the best thing is to be familar with your own chart so you know where Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius fall for you.

Generally, my suggestion is that you stay centred and rested. Remember you are a very special part of the whole, so the best way for you to contribute to helping the world stabailize it to stabalize yourself. Those who are off balance will enter into their own fight. Give it as little energy as possible. Energy flows where focus goes. Be the master of your energy. Give your energy consiously and know that your contribution is real.


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