The Sun and Moon are aligning in Capricorn at a clean 25 degrees. All of the planets are between 20-30 degrees during this new Moon. The focus is on maturity.


Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by Saturn and epitomizes the concept of maturity. Children born with a lot of Capricorn planets very often have an innate mature nature when they are very young. What does it mean to be mature?


Essentially, maturity is the rational sense to respond to your environment in an appropriate manner. It involves timing and respect, both for yourself and others who belong to your culture. If out of your culture, it is the decency to respect the societal norms of that culture. Maturity is the ability to look beyond the short term results and having the discipline to stay the course to achieve goals that are beneficial. Maturity is not expected from the young, as it is generally agreed that we all make mistakes, and the learning that ensures is what causes this process.

Why are some born mature and some, no matter how hard life knocks them, never mature?



Saturn is the planetary energy that rules maturity.  Saturn rules the following:



-work ethic/responsibility

-tradition/common sense

-aging /elders

Every one of us is subject to the concepts above. How we navigate these aspects of life determines how brightly we shine as we age/mature.

Based on how your Saturn is set up in your chart, you will move along this unstoppable route in your own pace.



Astrologically speaking, you are not an adult until after your Saturn return, which end around the age of 30. When you have your Saturn return , and you generally will have 3 in your life, it is a time to acknowledge where you are at in your life and what you would like to end ( Saturn)  and what you need to work towards to bring into form.( Saturn). It is also a time to loosely plan the next 30 years.



When Saturn transits your Moon, the cycle is so significant that there is a name for it. It is called, ‘sadi sati’. This is a period that you very definitely ought to know about! This is a time when the force of Saturn will come into play in such a way that strong life lessons will show up to help you to mature! By being familiar with your own chart, you will gain the insight needed to see clearly the lesson and direction that is needed to best work with your Sadi Sati.



One day we will all have the chance to be an elder. Instead of being drugged up on cheap pharmaceuticals sitting in front of the TV waiting to die, why not see that time ,as just as valuable as all the other stages of your life. How?

Well, life goes by so fast that most people never plan properly. You can have all the money in the world, but if you do not have a defined purpose ( Saturn) and have taken on a responsibility ( Saturn), you will find yourself lost and afraid. Imagine a world that is full of elders who are alive and still excited about participating in society. Something has to matter! Your life has to matter! Your maturity has to matter!

Embrace each of your lessons. Embrace your mistakes. Embrace your ability to learn and grow and reach a point where you know that you make good choices and decisions. Honour yourself as a mature elder who is in a place to guide the youth. This is a right of passage.



What would you do regardless of money? If you were dropped on an island with all of your needs covered, what would you do with your time? In that thought process lies the answer to what you will find satisfaction developing so that when you are an elder you earn the respect of having become a master in your area of expertise. The reason I say this is because if you start now, your passion will define your life and give it meaning; in fact it will give you a life! Currently we are in an epidemic of sadness and depression because people are not connected to their purpose.


What sign and house is your Saturn activated in this lifetime? Can you realize it? Can you appreciate it?



The new Moon is in Dhanisthta which is called the ,’star of symphony’. Within this lunar sign/nakshatra we find the following qualities: insight, listening, perception of truth, adventure, compassion and wealth. When you think of Dhanistha, you think of living life to the beat of your own drum, your own rhythm. The joy, strength, stability, and sense of honour and achievement that comes when you quit playing safe, and move into your authenticity. Nothing is sexier than one living their authentic truth. NOW is good.




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