I would say this is the tone of 2017. The force could not be stronger to allow the visible and invisible chains to finally break. Human nature is not proactive. Human nature is re active. We all wait until it is either too late or almost too late. We wait for circumstances to become so tense that the external stimuli finally activates a breakdown in some form that in turn activates a breakthrough for us. It’s the drama of life.
We are elemental creatures that dance with the forces of the cosmos. At least the elements are not a mystery; there are 5: earth, air, fire, water, either. From these 5 elements all life animate and inanimate are born. All is a combination of these elements; including YOU.


How do you manage anything better? With knowledge! Understanding the elemental mix of your own being & nature provides you with the fundamental insight you need. You, me, we, are all constantly working on managing our own imbalance. Ayurveda bleeds into Jyotisha; they are sister sciences. They both are ancient mystical systems and languages that translate the meaning of our individual elemental make up and then also provide the directions on how to balance the various permutations. All proper ayurvedic doctors are also Jyotishis (astrologers). Also, all proper Jyotishis’ have medical education.

When seeking to improve your body, mind, soul matrix, you must first attain balance. Once you have found balance, you can then strengthen the , ‘machine’, for optimum performance. That is what those of you seeking absolute meaning and authentic expression are looking for. The body is not ,’who’ you are, it is rather, what you are driving.

I do not mean to sound clinical but the reality is such that if your vehicle is not balanced and whole, you will never be able to listen carefully, speak intelligently, sleep deeply, love fully or express your authentic nature in a way that feels complete and satisfying.

According to this ancient wisdom, your soul is on a journey and lands into this dimension in such a way that your form is somehow connected to your current karmic/dharmic lessons. Don’t ask me why, that I do not know. What I do know, is that we are able to look at it from an objective perspective and find the suitable advice or direction needed to create the balance. I love the expression, “ everything we need is already in the room’. It is always there in the form of elements; it is just for us to be lucky enough to have a guru ( teacher) show up and direct us ( the is the faster route), or through a series of painful episodes, we learn on our own. Either way, we progress.


There are many ways to break up the 360 degrees. If were were a more intelligent race, we would begin the new year at 0 degrees of Aries, but we do not. We are following a calendar that was created 2016 years ago that has faulty astronomy programming. In any case, most agree that Jan.1st is the beginning and love to jump on the illusion that it is time to start a new journey of self mastery. So be it!
As we are cosmic snowflakes, the weather pattern that creates our environment is important to understand. This year, the beginning has a distinct pattern of a collective breakthrough.


Ketu is the great mystical portal of surrender and loss. It can be done the hard way or the easy way. The easy way is a simple letting go. Stop hanging on to anything that is causing pain. Allow the break to occur. It is by allowing the flow to actually flow in its natural pattern , that you are able to see yourself as part of the solution, a note in the cosmic melody, from a cooperative collective, offering , rather than taking, without ego, you will find that your experience will be that you are able to enjoy the connection to the whole. In fact if you do your earthly dharmic ‘work’ you will actually have the experience of being the whole universe which in fact you are! Deep and complex but such is life!



Four planets in Aquarius raised the vata, or elements of air/earth. There is a tendency to feel ungrounded. The upside is brilliant mental insights and intuitive hits and visions. Roll with it but understand that if you wish to see results in the future you will need to balance the air with practical action. If you want to make this year different, choose 1-3 simple actions and remain committed and consistent. In fact, usually remaining consistent with one action is usually enough to cause a shift.



When you want to move forward, you must first create a space or vacuum into which you can move. This almost always requires letting something go. I don’t make this up, rather is is what we call a cosmic rule. What is it? If you cannot find it on your own ask for help. WE all need help from time to time, that is what makes us a collective.


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