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Mercury has gone direct so will not interfere with this full moon, however, the moon is in ‘Ardra’ and this is to be watched. Saturn is gandanta at 28 degrees of Scorpio. The main configuration that will influence the outcome of this full moon is the line up of mars, venus and ketu in aquarius. There is a parivatna yoga with jupiter and mercury and saturn and mars. That is the technical astronomy of the moment, but what does it mean?


Have you noticed how we are being conditioned to watch more and more violence real time on media? Actually in north america we have been sheltered up until recently. It was a sweet time that has passed. It’s one thing to see that transition as an adult, but another for the youth who are just waking up to the reality of the world. This new generation is accustomed to the violence.

As an astrologer I dislike the job of warning of the dangerous times, but with this profession comes the hippocrates oath of telling the truth. The art is to accompany the more difficult messages with some advise on how to skirt the rough patch or at least protect your self from it.

Here is what I believe….



You emit a frequency that contains information that can can be psychically read by others. We are all doing it all of the time. Call it instinct, 6th sense, or feelings; it is a way to read energy. Now there is something that happens to your body energy and frequency when you have, ‘done your work’. This means your body temple is clear to receive and give off signals of love as well as keep you in areas that only resonate in your frequency. This means that when you move through space and time you actually shift the energy around you as you go. If you are vibrating in pure love you will receive the energy of pure love.

Now what brings your frequency down? Well, the food you put into you body that goes into creating the fibres of your body. If you are constantly eating animals who have been slaughtered full of fear and various growth harmones, understand that this energy gets transferred into your frequency. If you are still full of anger or fear or resentment from your past, you carry and emit this and create darkness in your field. If you watch too much violence you also must digest this energy and it becomes part of your field.



Allow compassion to expand in your soul. Ardra is one of the favourite nakshatras of terrorists. It shows up over and over again during these random attacks.

With Mars, Venus and Ketu also dancing in this mix, there is so much going on that is not being told. If you must travel during this full moon, prepare your energy carefully.

Relationships that are struggling will have the energy to let go an break apart now. If it has been too painful , let it go. Your partner should be your best friend, not your battle buddy.

On the other hand, the upside of this moon is that it is in Gemini which is about active communication. There is nothing that clears energy better than a really good laugh. Find a reason and a way to laugh. Add to the happy side of the equation.

Above all become responsible for your own energy and frequency field!

There will be a lot of unexpected events in the next month. Believe and receive…..Love only

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