The first new moon of the year falls on an exciting crossroads. Saturn has just moved into Sagittarius, and it is the new year of the fire rooster. Apparently this will be a very dynamic, passionate and lucrative year. This new moon in Capricorn / Shravana reminds us to lay down some longer range practical goals and to pay close attention to your ability to listen.


This sign is ruled by Saturn so it is appropriate for the moment. Saturn is the purveryor of karma. Sorry, but pretty much all of us are born with some karma. There certainly is the odd enlightened child that is born completely free, but that is the exception. The good news is that we have way to to work off our karma. The best one I know of is to to adopt a praise of yoga. Really? Yes! I was so happy when I learned that you can actually work off the dark energy that is stuck to your soul by going to a regular yoga class. Forsure you have to get involved in your yoga for this energetic transference to occur. You have to sweat, and you have to pray or mediate, whatever you want to call it. We are not talking about mindless yoga, we are talking about yoga with purpose. A yoga practise will, in time, shift you. All of you reading this know what I am talking about. See what happens if you do at least an hour of focused yoga 5 days a week. You will change and your life will change. Why? Because you have worked off some of your karma. Over time you will feel so much better that you can become more focused on your dharma. Your dharma is what you do now. If you are conscious enough, you will not create any more difficult karma for yourself.

There are other ways to burn off your karma. You can attract experiences that causes you to suffer and in the suffering develop the qualities of forgiveness and compassion. You can do seva,, which is selfless giving, or charity. We are not talking about 2nd chakra charity that is done to add to your social ranking and resume, but the kind that comes from your heart and does not have to have number attached to it.

Saturn is where we look in our own birth chart to give us clues about our personal karma.

A new moon is always a new beginning. Capricorn is about taking a practical non extreme approach. Set reasonable goals. Now is good.



The nakshatra of this new moon is the sweet Shravana. When you think of Shravana think about an ear and the ability to listen. We have 2 eyes and 2 ears and one mouth. This is a clue that we are meant to observe and listen more than we speak. People with a strong presence of shravana in their charts often have super hearing ability. It is a great quality. This new moon is asking to you to pay attention to what you are hearing or not hearing. The greatest gift you can give to another is to hear them properly and also to give them silence but just company. This new moon gain more awareness and be thankful for you ears. By the way your sense of balance is inside your ear drum. How interesting! Love only…

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