Jyotishi plays no role if it does not teach practical direct lessons about how to get along better in this life.
As Saturn is about to exit Scorpio let me share some some thoughts concerning the lessons that this transit teaches.


Saturn is about responsibility and Scorpio is about power.

All too often, we give our power away to somebody, usually less deserving. It would be a perfect world if great Gurus were on every street corner ready to guide you from a loving and impartial perspective. But alas, we live in kali yuga where marketing rules and is directed to trick your subconscious into even more consumer driven behaviour. You believe you need the latest style to be cool while slipping deeper and deeper into a meaningless existence of feeling you will never have or be enough.  In short, you give your power away to those who do not deserve it and certainly do not feel responsible for it. This happens, nowadays before children even have a chance.

On a personal level, unfortunately, relationships also have a way of taking away your power.

Personal freedom always involves the freeing up from a relationship that dis empowers you.

In fact you and you alone are responsible for owning and managing your power. Take a quick scan and you will know in a second if you do or if you do not.



If you have not cleaned up your body temple your level of sensitivity will not be so high and you will have a greater resistance to being able to live out of balance. If you have been doing yoga, meditating, taking self development courses, and refining your diet, you will notice that you are way more sensitive and living out of balance can be painful.


You may be tired, stressed or just spaced out for the moment. As an example, you go into the wrong place to have a massage treatment or eat a meal. The moment you enter the establishment your intuition tells you to stop. You ignore it. You know immediately that your frequency is totally out of tune with the frequency of the location or people you are now in/with. Instead of immediately excusing yourself you decide to be polite and stay for the hour and go through with your massage or meal. When you leave you take a deep sigh of relief when the door shuts behind you. Thirty minutes later you are suddenly struck with a headache, or stomach and overwhelming sense of discomfort. You are off balance.
You have let a lower frequency power mess with your energy. You have forgotten that not everybody is full of good intention like yourself. You have let somebody/something get into your forcefield and eject their anger into you. Voila, off balance and out of power.

It is impossible to have power when you are in pain.



You are 99% space. Your organs, your brain, your heart and your feelings can be re arranged just as quickly back into equilibrium if you have the tools. First you must be able to identify where you let your power go and who or what took it. Then you go to the location in your body that is holding the negative energy. Acupuncture needles, or holding a pressure point, a hot bath, rescue remedy, arnica, a yoga class, a run, a scream, whatever calls you can work.
Consciously acknowledging that you are dismantling the energy that has been attached to you will relieve the situation. If you cannot do it yourself get help. You are energy and you have the power to organize and reorganize your own energy. Your body is your domain.

If you injure yourself over and over either physically or emotionally you have some work to do on clearing up the patterning that you are holding in your matrix. Nine times out of ten, what is needed is letting go of the person or situation that is taking your power.

Holding on to past pain with blame only slows the process down. Forgiveness and compassion play a critical role in the final clean up.

Your time in life is short. Find your way to empowerment.



If you have the sun, moon, lagna, or a smattering of planets in Scorpio, you will have experienced some major challenges in the past 2.5 years. Very often just before the planet leaves the sign there is an event that tests you to see if you have learned the intended lesson. Remember no matter how many times you have attempted to change, each day and each moment is a new and fresh chance. Never give up. Change, when if finally happens, is just a moment in time.

Saturn will move into Sagittarius on Jan.27,2017

It will transit back into Scorpio one last time from June 21- Oct.25,2017.

Are you clear on how this transit has helped to evolve your soul?

Love only…

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