This full moon falls in the cosmic frequency of Punarvasu which means ,’the return of the light’.

This give me hope. We live under the cosmic laws that govern energy and light. Energy moves in waves. I have lived long enough to see that when we think the darkness is forever, it flips and we see the return of the light. I believe this full moon will usher in a movement towards consciousness on a global level.

We need to remind ourselves that love and light are the highest frequencies in the universe

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This full moon falls at 22 degrees, 11 minutes.

Both of these numbers are master numbers. Also interesting is that the full moon in Gemini which is a dual sign, both Sagittarius and Gemini fall under duality. Something tells me to pay attention to this. It has a ring of positive energy.

Communication is the key here. Freedom of speech is a noble idea as long as there is respect involved.

Gemini is gossip and even untruths as we see in the global media. Sagittarius is truth and wisdom which must balance the former. This full moon cycle will highlight the lies vs truth, both for you personally and for you in relation to your global community!

If you have something to say, now is good! Gemini asks us to infuse humor. Laughing breaks up stagnant energy even during tough times.


Watch for a miracle to occur.

What is a miracle but an unexpected ( or expected) happening that turns the ship around. In a quantum world miracles happen all the time. We are being showered with divine protection.


This full moon see if you can drop deeper into how it feels when you are full of gratitude. See if you can plant that into your brain and heart so that you are radiating that energy outwards into the world and thus see it come back to you!

Love only…

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