For the past 18 months, the eclipse patterns have been in the Virgo/Pisces axis. Those of you with major planets in these areas will be able to now look back and see the major transitions and transformations that you underwent during this cycle. You can also breath a sigh of relief, that is unless you also have major planets in Leo or Aquarius. In my own practise I find the eclipse patterns to be the single most potent trigger for transformation. I have my own Moon in Aquarius and a Mars and Venus in Leo, so have been positioning myself to be strong and grounded so I am ready for whatever the divine cosmos of projection has to deliver in the next 18 months!




Rahu is the bringer of manifestation. Rahu brings the karmas and intentions that have been lingering in the unmanifest into the manifest.The rule of Rahu is that, like the body, when it laying down scar tissue, it always over compensates. Our job is to massage and manipulate the manifest so that is comes into harmony. Everybody always wishes for great wealth, but if it hits all at once, it is usally mismanaged and goes as fast as it came. We are co creators, and the more consciousness and awareness that we have, the more fun we will have in that role. Rahu in Leo is all about power. This next 18 months is a time to focus on what actions you need to employ to reach your full potential. Globally there will be massive flexing of the power muscles, both positve and negative. When you drop a seed into the earth, if you wait for the correct time and conditions and you act with pure intention, you find your unmanifest moves into manifest in a much cleaner and refined way. When there is clarity, there is flow.




Now this is like kicking in the afterburners. Rahu increases everything it touches and Jupiter does the same, so the effect will be exponential. We will have Jupiter and Rahu travelling together for the next 6 months. This is hot, hot , hot, literally! The element is fire. Your role is to manage your own passion and desires and health when it comes to heat. If it is already hot, it’s about to get heat up!



Ketu has the opposite effect to Rahu. Ketu rules the unmanifest realm of existence and takes things out of material form. Ketu can be delusional and detached or it can be divine enlighenment; in any case it is about surrender and lettting go. Since we are in co creation, our role here is to realize when situations are pulling on us to surrender and let go. We are made of water, elements and consciousness. We are sharing this miraculous experience called life. We all go through different experiences more or less, but we all share the fact that one day we will have to surrender this body temple. All wisdom points to the fact that it is a good idea to practise the art of surrender with peace and alignement with a force much greater than our individuated selves. Meditation is the perfect medium for this practise. On a global level, Ketu in Aquarius will manifest on the loss and re integration of tribes on our earth.



We all know this is the time to begin. Sagittarius is about the Guru/teacher. Are you now in the position to be one? Would you benefit from taking one or more? What is your passion ( Leo), who is out there that can take you to the next level?



The lunar sign/nakshatra of this new Moon means, ‘the undefeated’. You are put on notice not to give up on what moves your soul to act and what gives you a sense of deep inner satisfaction. NOW is good!! We will constantly revisit these new eclipse patterns over the next 18 months. I definitely suggest you have a reading early in this year to have a clear understanding of how this new eclipse cycle affects you!!


Mercury has gone retrograde which means we will make mistakes and our communication can be skewed. Take extra caution in mindfullness!



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