Anything worth while needs to happen with inspiration! If you can live your life feeling 100% inspired at all times, your life takes on an experiential frequency of total engagement, excitement and notstalgia. You live on purpose. There is nothing more rewarding that to inspire others, and to do this , best that you are inspired from within. This was the first full Moon article that I missed this year and have been waiting to be fully inspired to create. Now is good. Just checking the time and look: 11:11 everywhere!! Honestly I have no idea what 11:11 means. Do you? I always ask others, as everybody seems to have their own interpretation. In my own life, when I glance at the time, so very often it is 11:11. Do you know what I mean?



That is the best I can come up with!! If we go into that, each moment is a new beginning!! In reality time is circular, but for our own sanity, we experience it as linear. It gives us reference points. What holds us back from enjoying the present moment?


Like the wake of water that follows a boat, the past washes up into our future. This is a quantum law. Nobody has a perfect past. Each of us are here, in a school, learning basic lessons, like respect, forgiveness, compassion and love. Because we are in a 2 dimensional reality, the opposite is thrown in front of us until we are strong enough to counter balance the negative with our inner positve. Most important is to free our bodies and minds from past negativity. If we do not, it follows us and creates darkness in our space; if held long enough, the darkness becomes dense and drops into the physical as dis ease. Releasing your past is key to happiness. Period!




Yoga means ,‘union’. It is the alchemical energetic transaction that occurs when two or more energies combine to produce a third manifestation. This occures in all dimensions within our reality. Pay close attention to the combinations that you allow to enter your personal creation.


Vastu is the vedic sciene of placement and flow. Your environment is critical to the chemical balance of your body. We are designed to rest and recover/rejeuvenate in complete stillness. Ideally you should sleep in pure still, quiet and darkness. If you do not , your body is subtely aware and never completely rests. Over time this creates a deep sense of fatigue. Rest is equal to acitivity.




Feeling connected to love is, in my opinion next. This can take on so many forms, but must first resonate from within. Be love and love will be reflected back to you on every level. Appreciation for your life experience , good or bad. In this lifetime, we must find grace in the ups and downs of life, for we are subject to energy and all energy flows in waves.



How is it that man, woman or animal can eat a piece of bread or a banana and that food merges and transforms into a white or black person, a dog or a fish? What an amazing world!! Furthermore, as conscious Beings, the state that we are in when we eat affects the assimilation process. Love your food!!


Your gift is now! As we get ready to enter a new year, envision enjoying each moment of your life. Clearly this life is one of the most spectacular experiences of our universe.




Venus has just moved into Scorpio and we will end the year on this note. The message is the love of control. Finding that balance between what you can control and what you should control is where wisdom lives. Meditate in the next few days, on how you are managing what you can control. Are you happy and content or do you need to make some changes in this area for the new year?


Get ready, for the new set of eclipse patterns will change on Jan. 9, 2016. Picses and Virgo’s will get a break and Leo and Aquarius will be targeted!! My next posting will be on this subject. “One who knows thyself perfectly is blessed with enthusiasm without which success is impossible.” Vedic translation.



Is afterall not a factor or your money or your fame, rather your feeling of love that resides within your body temple. LOVE ONLY…

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