Sentient: able to perceive or feel things.

This describes living organisms that record feelings and respond accordingly.

We could say plants and animals are sentient Beings. If you believe that the planet that we live on is also a sentient Being, I also believe that to be true.

We are naturally sentient because we belong to an eco system that is constantly changing and requires our perception and adaptability to survive and thrive.


We are up to 78% water. This fact is worth actually meditating upon.

Water is a movable substance that is constantly moving in a healthy sentient Being. If water is stagnant problems arise.

Water holds memory so when it is ‘charged with a memory’ it can distribute that frequency to the cells that it nourishes.

Being this watery ( the element that transmits emotion), it makes sense that where ever we place our bodies, we will absorb the energy of that location.


This is the favorite place for the Moon because this is the home sign: Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

Cancer rules the mother, family, home and business.

Cancer is highly emotional.


This is the lunar sign of this new moon. Pushya means: one who nutures.

Pushya is considered to most spiritually evolved of the nakshatras. If you have any Pushya in your chart, consider yourself lucky.

Pushya is a highly kind, loving and sweet frequency. The lotus flower is one of the symbols of Pushya.

Above all Pushya is KIND.


The truth is that most sentient Beings are kind. Kindness rules. The problem is that deeply kind Beings are trusting and open, and often unprepared for harshness or cruelty.

In fact, the next nakshatra over, Ashlesha has the dark side of Cancer. Pushya does not have any darkness.


The lesson is to learn how to develop inherent sentient powers of perception and trust your instincts.

Sentient Beings function on only two switches: Sleep/Healing vs. ACTION/STRESS

Stress is not the problem, rather dis-stress.

How do you protect yourself, your family, your friends and your world?

Answer : By protecting yourself. It all begins with how you love yourself.

This is much easier to write than execute , but is a worthy life goal.

Pushya will remain in the heart, forgiving and compassionate.

This new moon reflect on how this aspect of your life is functioning.

Love only…

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