The Galactic Center is the center of our Milky Way Galaxy which is at 26-27* Sagittarius.

This full moon falls at 27.11 Sagittarius.


The undefeated.




This cosmic frequency is a dual mutable fire sign ruled by Jupiter. By nature it represents change.

We live in a world where everything is in a state of change.

In the metaphysical science of vedic astrology, we are given the frequency of expression that is produced when planetary positions dance together to form energetic alchemy; cosmic music.

There is one aspect of our astronomical astrological dance that does not change and that is the nakshatras.


Sanskrit: that which does not decay.

Nakshatras keep their station and do not change. While the planets continually move in circles at different speeds, the fixed stars of the constellation remain fixed.

At 25-27 degrees of Sagittarius is the center of our home galaxy, the milky way. It is a star point around which our home galaxy revolves.

So, although everything seems to be changing there are points which do not. The points that do not form the foundation for that which does.


Our own astrological blueprint is a reflection of the cosmic frequencies that existed at our birth. Our birth chart is the fixed position of our soul in our body, and our life is the constant interaction of the changing frequencies that interact as change alchemizes with that which is stable and fixed within us.

Thus our life is the reflection of the sympathetic/parasympathetic system; action and inertia.


If we do not have a core centeredness we experience uncertainty, loss of confidence, fear which makes change uncomfortable.

If we are grounded internally, we embrace change effortlessly.


This full moon falls right at the galactic center of fixed grounded ness. Each of us has this frequency manifest in our body mind temple.

See if you can identify that which keeps you centered and celebrate and honor that part of you.

If you cannot feel it, now is a good time to find someone who can help you understand how to find a way to establish your connection to your center, so you can enjoy your life without being tossed around by the constant change.

This is the lesson of the Sagittarius Full moon.

Love only…


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