This is not an ordinary new moon.

This is the matured eclipse cycle of Scorpio/Taurus which goes from Sept.20,2020-March 20,2022.

Look at the world since this this eclipse cycle has activated. Let’s look at this carefully.


If you are coming from a western astrology background, like me, you will know this as the north node and south node of the moon. This is the eclipse patterns that move every 18 months.

As a matured astrologer, I finally realized that I needed to watch the eclipse cycles carefully, which I have done for the past 20 years.

Rahu and Ketu , as they are called in vedic astrology, are points of passing, not material manifestations.

This point, a crossing, is so important, that in the original astrology of the vedas, that a non physical location is given status of a planet or material manifestation. Think about it!


Since Sept.20,2020, Ketu is in Scorpio.

Scorpio is the cosmic energy of power.

Ketu is the nonmaterial, the invisible, the hidden, the not yet manifest.

Ketu also rules intoxication, trickery, unknown ingredients in an injection…

Ketu is intoxicated abuse of power. Ketu is the causual energy that is on it’s way to becoming material all because of intention.

The main thing to understand is the nonphysical or astral expression or etheric expression of a not yet material manifest reality.


The opposite to the non manifest is the manifest.

Manifest is what everyone is clambering to learn how to control these days with all of the , ‘coaching’,

We are dream machines, making our dreams (unmanifest) come true.(manifest).

Globally we have been struggling with the ketu, unmanifest intoxicated trick,…

This new moon is all about the manifest. We should look at what is manifest in the material plane at this time.

On a personal level you also want to focus on your material reality. The fact that it is an eclipse, we will be forced to also look at the non manifest, including our fears.

Rahu will bring it down into the material.

The new moon is the initiation of the next cycle which is all about the material manifestation.


Now we are having some fun. :-)

You are the expression of unmanifest and manifest in various stages.

What governs your world is your consciousness as it manifests into matter.

If you are, lifetime after lifetime, on the side of love, you will experience a material reality based on that expression.

If you have chosen the opposite path you will experience the manifestation of that into material.

On earth there will always be those who live out a heavenly existence, and those who live out the opposite.

We came to this dimension for the entertainment and soul growth that this existence offers.

Plant the seed of your material existence. Now is good. JUMP.

Love only..



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