Each time I write a blog, there is a preparation. I put time aside in my life for me to receive inspiration on what is

needed. This particular Full Moon in Scorpio, I can’t shake the message I am receiving.

Scorpio is the full moon that is weak because it is motivated by power.

In this world as we surely enter the Aquarian Age, Saturn is stepping forward as the steward for the next 2,600 years.

I invite each of you who are reading this to injest the word to this song.

For those of you who will not hit a link..it’s this song: Struggle Jennings & Caitlynne Curtis // “God We Need You Now


Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Here is the Miriam Webster interpretation of this powerful concept.
1a: one possessing or held to possess supreme political power or sovereignty
b: one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere
c: an acknowledged leader : ARBITER
2: any of various gold coins of the United Kingdom

Don’t you think it is interesting that supreme political power is  with gold coins from the United Kingdom?

During this full moon in Scorpio in 2022 ( the world is not 2022 years old! ) the world is upside down, down being the

operative word.

Countries with Flags and governments are not sovereign.

People have been compromised, pineal glands shut down, shut off from their divine wisdom and intuition, which is what

makes us animal. How do you think a butterfly can fly across an entire continent? Earthly animals ( including homo sapians) have a connection to an invisible force that guides us. We are 90% unconscious, we need that function to work!!

We need our humanness to remain the species that we are, but at this juncture in history, as we enter into the Aquarian Age of technology and AI, this cycle is may be ending on this planet.

But what of the survivors?


Did you ever think that you would be living in an era were there would be virtue signally because of a mandate put out by Bill

The ones who actually  still have their abilities of , “listening’ and have enough sense to be sovereign to the divine spark within, are suddenly in a place of needing to defend their God given rights. WFT???

Love only….





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