This full Moon may be the darkest of 2015.  If you are feeling sad today, it is that you are picking up on the energies of the moment. This too shall pass…


This is the weakest placement for the Moon. The Moon rules emotions that are generated from a subconscious level. Our emotions , if naturally healthy , are generated in response to our situation. They are our GPS, or guidance system. Scorpio seeks to hide , repress or control emotions, which usually has a later effect one the pressure of denial becomes to strong  to bare.

This full Moon energy will push up those repressed or hidden emotions; best to let them  surface.



This is certainly the emotion we all wish to avoid. Who wants to feel sad? Nobody! It is a normal emotion that arises when there is genuine loss in your life. How do you deal with sadness?

Allow yourself to cry. Crying will relieve the pressure. Know when you need to have a good cry and allow it to happen, just as you would a good laugh.

Allow sadness to run it’s course.

Do not persist in the activity that causes the sadness.


There are so many terms for relationships that do not serve you. Basically if the one you care for or love goes out of their way to dis empower you, move away.

Relationships of love by definition will empower you. Period.


When you have decided to create  a harmonious life for yourself, stay committed to all that means to and for you. You cannot stay joyous and at peace if the one you love abuses you.



My acupuncturist explained something very interesting today. Those who have a very strong liver constitution are prone to alcoholism; reason being is that the liver throws off toxins and actually will crave toxins to work with. Go figure!

Alcohol affects different people differently. If you have a partner whose pitta constitution accelerates with alcohol you will experience rage. Alcohol and rage is a recipe for somebodies’ disempowerment and sadness. This problem is rampant in society. If you find yourself in love with somebody who has this problem ( and it is a problem) how do you cope?

This full Moon may bring up this issue.



While it is normal for the feeling of power to go back and forth in any relationship, it is not healthy for one who becomes enraged to constantly take out their anger on the one they love. This alone, I believe is one of the most rampant and distressing problems facing the modern world.

Find your power and protect it . If you are in love with somebody who you want to help beat this monkey off their back, your job is to let them do it. You cannot do it for them. You will have to step away and give them space to do it on their own. This is a hard lesson to learn, but addiction must be faced by oneself only.

During this full Moon meditate on where you are subjecting yourself to the anger of another ( alcohol or not). Do yourself and the other a favour- open up the dimension of space; yours and theirs.



In this life, most important to your inner joy and peace is your own feeling that you have your own life under control. Being a little uncomfortable because you choose to stretch yourself is something different. There is nothing like the feeling of being empowered from within. This full Moon is a time to go inwards, see the truth and take action.

Love only…

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