Saturn is one degree away from the complete full moon alignment which means Lord Shiva plays a pivotal role. Saturn is the cosmic energy of work, lessons, karma, maturity, laws, government, discipline, obstacles and delays. Saturn is the task master. Saturn dancing with this full Moon is a time to receive blessings for your efforts. Celebrate your achievements in the arena of wisdom.


Wisdom needs to be resurrected as a superpower! Your maturity should reflect in wisdom. Wisdom is the ability to take an objective point of view of any situation and reflect with dignity, and intelligence on the best course of action for a healthy outcome. Being a source of wisdom for the youth as you mature ( Saturn) is noble. Respect is earned and maintained through being wise enough to make correct choices.

Sagittarius rules higher knowledge and justice. Saturn creates a responsibility to take care of your people. Society cannot grow if you do not share your knowledge. The youth will be confused if the mature do not lead with wisdom.


Mars has just gone retrograde until Aug.28. Mars likes to move outwards but in this case now will become introspective and even implosive. Mars is travelling with Ketu, which acts like Mars and Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Yikes!! Mars is in the house.

Wherever Capricorn sits in your own chart watch for personal evolution. You may be tolerating a situation which heats up or finally becomes unbearable. Before something reaches a point that you no longer have tolerance it almost always has to become uncomfortable. Go with the flow. Allow yourself to get to a point where you need to make the change. Capricorn is in the sign of Saturn so there is the amplified Saturn effect.


If you are not listening to your inner voice you are not being wise!


There is so much help for you to align with what nourishes your heart. Love will blossom. If someone has not yet shown up for you to love, fall in love with yourself. Love yourself the way you wish to be loved.

It is a great time to go on a fast for a few days. Giving your body a rest from digestion and even talking is a way to love yourself. All of the cells in your body benefit from time out. Now is good.

This line up of planets is opposite the Mars ( Cancer is opposite Capricorn) so there is the opportunity to balance your emotional body with your ambitious mind. The time is brilliant for self reflection. Are you balanced in your masculine/feminine? Are you nurturing your dreams? Are you loving yourself in such a way that your body/soul will drive you to your desired destination?

Let Love rise. Let your Passion rise. Be brave enough to be inspired. Use Mars to fight for what belongs to you. Use Venus to stay in compassion. Let the full Moon with Saturn bless you with wisdom to act correctly.

Love only…

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