The planets are exceptionally positive for this new moon. Here are the reasons…

The Moon, Mars and Mercury are exalted.

Moon in Taurus
Mercury in Gemini
Mars in Capricorn


Jupiter and Saturn are feeding the Sun & Moon at the apex of the triangle in the most fateful aspect called the “Finger of God. This means that there will be a fork in the road and you will have a choice. The choice that you take during this configuration is often life changing. Of course if you make the choice consciously you retain more power for your life.

The choice involves Saturn and Jupiter, the frequency of saving vs spending. In the Vedic system this is a fundamental underlying concept of our existence called Poorva/Punya.

I believe this formation has this name attached to it is because once we are brave enough to do what we need to do to achieve real abundance in our lives,  there is an invisible force that opens the door to assist us to achieve.

When we receive in an unexpected way we call it a miracle. We are in co-creation with a force we call God.


The middle finger is Saturn and you all know what that means. The index finger indicated direction.  Which finger is appropriate just now? You choose! :-)


It is no mistake that throughout history all cultures develop a form of currency. Currency can be salt, pepper, diamonds, gold, bitcoin or even time. You can pay with almost anything. The ultimate longterm form of payment deals with your soul. Poorva is the credit you accumulate in your soul account and can be seen by the lord of your 5th house in your birth chart.

Interesting, right? I was fascinated to learn this when I studied in Rishiksh with Swami Dyananda.

The 2nd house of your birth chart is ARTHA. Artha deals with prosperity and abundance both in the physical and spiritual. The message is that this dimension deals with us connecting and hopefully perfecting the art of the deal, as they say. Nobody says it better than Sting in his song, ‘ We are spirits in a material world’. We are here creating and manifesting the material from the spiritual. It is what we do. Some have greater manifesting powers than others, but all have the power and it is a skill that can be honed both in this lifetime and throughout lifetimes.

Jupiter is the frequency of accumulation, abundance and spending. Jupiter in Libra manifests with style and refinement and in partnership with others. Look at your life and identify who plays that role for you. Which are the most beneficial partnerships in your life? With whom do you have credit? With whom do you have debt? What needs to be refined?


Since we also live in the world of polarity this means there is always a flip side. Saturn rules debt and spending be it material or spiritual. Debt does not feel good generally, however if your incoming and outgoing flow is consistent equilibrium can be reached. Saturn is also discipline and the effort which is required to develop a solid base both physically and spiritually.

Punya is  karma. Since we exist in a world of cause and effect, karma is the residue of your actions. In the Vedic system they teach us that karma can flow from lifetime to lifetime. This is what makes understanding your own birth chart so interesting since it show the poorva/punya that you were born with, thus carried over since your last incarnation.


The positive side of this is Jupiter while the negative is Saturn. Saturn is in Sagittarius offering the opening of learning from past lesson and gaining wisdom. Repeating mistakes is a form of self destruction; this includes overspending. How is this concept operating in your life at this moment in time? What actions could you take now that can change your life?

Of course your actions constantly cause your account to fluctuate.


Saturn and Jupiter are holding down the base of the pyramid while the Sun and Moon are at the apex. Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Taurus is about material abundance, sensual pleasure such as sex, eating, cooking, eating, building a home or bank account. The moon is exalted or very happy in this frequency.


The message behind the cryptic configuration of planetary energy is that this new moon is a time to make critical decisions and choices that result in creating more abundance for yourself; both spiritually and materially.

To make the correct option analyze the truth of your credit debit situation.

If you want to go deep you can organize it on the different levels: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

What actions do you need to take to balance your personal cosmic as well as physical bank account?

This new moon you can begin consciously to implement steps to achieve abundance.

Taurus is particularly concerned with physical abundance rather than spiritual.

Your chart is full of cryptic messages just waiting for you to access and ask. Yes, it is an investment in self knowledge,

but the payoff is exponential. Knowledge is power.

Do you know how the ruler of your 5th house is operating in this lifetime?

I will offer 30 min readings for $50 specifically to examine your 5th house ruler and the condition of your poorva/punya.


Love only….

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