What is the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul? From what I understand, we can have many soul mates, which means we have a soul family that weaves in and out of our many lives, like a dance. These are the relationships that cause impact and where the equivalent of a lifetime of relationship can happen in a single night. We can marry or have a best friend that is our soul mate. Even our pets can be soul mates. But what of the question of the twin flame?


Twin souls are when a two people come from the same source; like a atom splitting. Apparently they rarely meet and there is a reason for this. Like an atom splitting, there is massive amount of energy created if the halves are brought back together; in fact explosive. There are conditions that must be met before the melding can be successful, otherwise the meeting will create chaos in the lives of each, so much so that it can destroy the lives of one or both. How do you recognize your twin flame?



The meeting will be love at first sight. You will recognize the other immediately. You look alike. Maybe your eyes are not the same color, but there will be an unmistakable physical resemblance. You will have an instant draw to be with this person. If you touch, there will be an overpowering magnetism. If you move into sexuality, your bodies will fit together in a way like no other. There is a feeling of being at home. So why does it rarely work out ?


In order for this coupling to work out each of the parties needs to be fully matured in both their male and female sides. This means they have done the personal work and be in balance from within. If they are not, the interaction can destroy both of them. One particularly disruptive force is addiction. If there is an addiction to alcohol or drugs it will disrupt the ability to bond the cellular bodies. If ego is still heavily present it will impede the ability to be completely generous. The difference between a soul mate disruption and a twin flame disruption is the level of intensity. Any disruption causes a tearing in the personal fabric that throws off balance and creates intense pain. Unlike other relationships where you would just walk away, in this case it becomes almost impossible. There is a risk of creating major setbacks for yourself if you cannot realize that you or your twin flame is not yet ready for this union.



If you study various spiritual masters from different traditions, you will find they all eventually settle on the highest form of self expression called ,‘compassion’. Compassion is related to our ability to realize that all on their own journey and we are not in a place to judge, rather continue to love and wish another well. Remember the one who we must have the highest amount of compassion for is ourselves. To look at the impasses that are clearly in front of us, and have the courage to do what is spiritually correct, meaning, preserve our sense of dignity and integrity.


What happens when you know you have met your twin soul and everything in your being is pulled to be together, but after a time you realize that either you or the other is not yet developed enough to make the union successful? After repeated tries you find that your balance is thrown off constantly by the inability to come together in total love. At this time you need to have compassion for your SELF. In so doing, you must act. The action of pulling away goes against everything you desire. Find gratitude for the fact that you have met. Understand that the other is a reflection of where you, as a whole , are not yet complete. Find what needs to be done to complete your own personal energy and focus on that. Let the twin flame go, understanding that if you can both become complete in this lifetime you will be automatically drawn together again.


You will see that there will be a link to Ketu, which represents past live. You will have planets in common which are directly linked to your Moons. Rahu will also be involved as it relates to your current dharma. It will be clear that you both of you can activate the other on your path to dharmic realization, which is Rahu.



For those of you with planets or lagna in the later degrees of Cancer, you may well be experiencing a meeting of your twin flame. Please feel free to write me and share the experience. Remember , whatever is incomplete in the other is incomplete in your. Herein lies the humility required to be able to become better prepared for the eventual coming together again. The vedas are gracious. Everybody gets to enlightenment at one time or another! As you work on completing your inner wounds/ridges, your twin will feel it. Watch to see the shifts the more you grow. This is exciting stuff, my friends!



Gandanta means , ‘knot’. It also means , ‘danger’. The interpretation comes from the fact that energetic enlightenment happens when the 3 knots within our body are released. When this happens there is such a rush of energy, that if our bodies and minds are not prepared it too can distort our energy so much as to cause illness or death.

Gandanta is 26-30 degrees of a water sign that borders on a fire sign. Cancer/Leo, Scorpio/Sagittarius, Pisces/Aries.

Currently Jupiter is at 28 degrees of Cancer and remains gandanta until Jan.23,2015. At that point it will be in a retrograde state, which means it will travel back into Cancer until April 9, 2015. It will then begin it’s journey forward again from 15 degrees of Cancer. It will reach the gandata phase again June 24- July 15 at which point it moves into Leo. If you have any important planets in this zone, you will benefit greatly if you take this time to use the energy rather than have it use you. It is like begin given a cup full of lightening. If you drink it mindlessly it will cause major havoc. If you choose very carefully and prepare for the consumption it will empower you exponentially. Love only….

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