Scorpio is the poster child in the zodiac for power. When an environment, animal, person or nation is not in a state of inner peace, there will be a power struggle going on. Sadly, the world, at this time in our history, is fraut with power struggles. This transit of Saturn will highlight this aspect of humanity.

UPAYA: Work individually to shift the whole. This is a fascinating subject. Imagine a world where each individual felt happy with their personal power. This is not the case. We are either predator or prey. Those who are prey are not as strong or driven to control others. Those who are predators  will constantly be trying to dominate their environment/others. Feeling like you are being controlled by a system or another can leave you unable to access your personal power. If you can learn to see reality as elastic and full of magic, you can come to see that there are an infinite number of ways that your existence can restructure in order to mirror a life where you are empowered. This Saturn transit is a great time to focus on that area of your self development.

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We are here playing with the world of dreams into material reality. It is just a passing game that we are playing with the cosmos of matter and energy. To get too caught up in it more than that is ridiculous. Remember we do not take any of it with us. If you own or do not own should not determine your level of happiness. Artha is the sanskrit term given to material abundance. According to vedanta, for the most part, this area of our life is one of the set karmas. This is why you generally do not see most people’s status change much during a lifetime. There is too much focus on money in this current era; it is encroaching on general happiness. If you think people with a lot of money are happier than those that have very little money, you are wrong. One can be happy or miserable being broke or wealthy. One of the keys here is to find what your passion and make that your work. Money will naturally follow as a result. Spending years in a job you hate just for the money is a waste of you life.

UPAYA:For the next 2.5 years, commit to moving out of the fear of not having enough and the faith that you will always have enough.



Saturn in Scorpio is the energy of debt. Scorpio rules other people’s money, which can be inheritance or debt. The most recent years of massive expansion have created a society that lives in debt and fear. The two are intertwined. Think about it. While lending is not a bad thing, with the recent financial crisis many are re aligning their values and throwing away the credit cards. The new debit credit cards are a perfect example of people searching for a way to be more realized when it comes to debt.

UPAYA:Take this 2.5 years of Saturn in Scorpio to come into a realistic relationship with how you handle debt. Most likely you will need help from an outside source and that is ok!



Yes, Mars is the more active aggressive side of sexuality. The orgasm, after all is the ignition of your inner fire. Orgasm is the precursor to enlightenment. Allow yourself a credit of orgasm. If you cannot get it with another, see God as your divine partner. There is so much healing that can be done through this form of energetic release.

UPAYA: Commit to seeing your orgasm as a cosmic medicine for eliminating stress, and opening your nadis. You have to make time to heal and feel the vibration of love if you want it to permeate your life! At the same time if you are in a situation where you are unhappy with your sexual partner, this is a good time to find the healthiest solution.



This is an intense emotional sign ruled by Mars. The most dangerous aspect of this sexual warrior sign, is that there is a tendency to suppress emotions, particularly anger. If anger is suppressed long enough, it creates an explosive situation. Explosions can be instant and catastrophic, or chronic with slow deterioration.


Work individually to shift the whole. Your vibrational state creates your environment. Most human development therapy is centred around teaching you how to release harmful emotions that have been carried in your body temple. Be committed to clearing this negativity. Be committed to creating the wisdom to use the tools you have learned to prevent a further buildup. While anger is a normal human emotion, releasing it wildly onto others is not the answer. Punishing yourself is also not the answer. Some of you are born with a stronger Mars energy, so will have a more meaningful relationship with anger. Anger is really a message to let you know that something is not right. If you can address what is actually making you angry, and move away from that, and be committed to protecting yourself from the source of anger. Scorpio, more than any other sign, has the ability to let go and not look back. Why on earth would you waste your precious time being angry about something that happened in the past. This is how you loose the present moment and move into a state of dis ease. This next 2.5 years is a wonderful time to focus on releasing your old angry anger and creating a new platform for inner peace.



Saturn is Chronos. Time. Your mosts valuable nonrenewable resource. Saturn in Scorpio is the maturity of your depth. Saturn in Scorpio is the development of your truth. Where ever it falls in your own chart is where you have the opportunity to grow on your deepest emotional level.

Your Saturn Return will begin if you are born from Sept.1985- Dec.1987. This is a great time to have a reading so you can be aligned with your cosmic cycle.

Love only…

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