of the pure and essential essence of something:
of or relating to the most perfect embodiment of something.



In the vedic tradition the baby name will contain the sound related to the nakshatra ( lunar sign) of the moon. For example in my case, my moon nakshatra is Purvabhadrapada and the sound associated is : Say, So, Daa, Dee. Each nakshatra has a group of sounds associated. You want to find one of the sounds somewhere in the name. Besides that your name is a mantra that belongs to you.



Sound has a vibrational frequency. Of course!! Your name is your mantra that is repeated how many times in your lifetime? Each time it is called this frequency resonates through your body system. Ancient civilizations knew this, and would give different new names with each initiation. In our north american society we are named by our parents; few take Gurus who give initiation names even less rename themselves. Do you like your name?

Here is my story. My father named me. Before grade one, my parents told me that because of my clear love of being in the mountains, they were going to rename me to , Heidi. I wish they would have! Instead, my father, with is super unsophisticated and sheltered ways, insisted on naming me after a little girl that he knew and adored from his childhood. Okay?


How could he ever think that Paddi Peever was a nice name to call a baby girl? Not until I went to grade one did I start to receive teasing. From grade one all the way through university, I would dread the first day of school, not because I didn’t adore learning, but because of the humiliation I would feel when not only the teacher, but the entire class would break out in hysterical laughter when my name was read out. I grew to anticipate it and hate it. Dear Dad, thought it has a great, ‘ring’, but then again, when I asked him to brush my short hair, he would emulate the style of Elvis Presley, his idol. As a child I could never understand why he could not create a girlie style for me, but such were my younger years. I loved my dad and would humour him, as I was secretly horrified.

I guess I had what most of us have which is a feeling of respect and responsibility for my parents who had named me; secretly I longed for another name.

(I should say, I took immense care to choose great names for  my own children.)

Fast forward early 20’s and a marriage. The father of my children was from the south of France and had Basque roots and an ancient Basque name. Hourdebaigt. Excuse me?!! How do you pronounce that? Pretty much nobody outside of France knows how! Both of my daughters wear that last name, but have sophisticated names to accompany this last name. By the way, it means, ‘ house of the pottery oven’. My daughters seem to be happy with it.

After my divorce I no longer resonated with this last name. For me, it was better than Peever, but still not anything close to how I imagined my soul frequency to sound.

So, I did what I thought was proper and went back to my maiden name. Cut to the short. I hated it!! I was in real estate at that time and did well, but felt so compromised internally. I wonder now why I did not just choose a new name. This thought was always in the background of my desires.

Fast forward, another marriage. This time, Moore. Finally a , ‘normal name’! This name served me well, but the marriage was not healthy. Moore did not belong to a , ‘whole version’ of myself. The relationship lasted 14 years. I have been out of it now for over a decade. I went to a kabalarian to find a new name. We could not come  up with a better name than what I had. That set me back and put me into a dilema. I had received a number of diplomas while with that name and decided to just ‘live with it’.

In this time I met, worked and hung out with Demi Moore. I don’t have to keep this a secret because her sources leaked that info and it is public. She is a doll. Moore is also not her given , neither chosen name, rather also that of an ‘x’. I somehow managed to console myself on the fact, that maybe that name was meant to be.

I have now been out of that last relationship for just over a decade. I have grown and matured and still felt so deeply maligned with my name. I am currently running the eclipses ( kept) over my moon and this is a lesson of , ‘surrender’ , and ‘letting go’. My focus now is just to vibrate at the highest possible frequency; to identity where I am not and have the courage and determination to fix it. Just after the last eclipse, I realized that in order to create inner alignment with myself I had to change my name. After consulting a few friends, they thought it was a good idea, but only my last name. They felt it would show instability or confusion to change the whole name. As I sat in my bed at 1.08 am, the message was totally clear; choose a name that resonated deeply within me. It is time to love my name!!

Why not?



Stefania has been inside of my soul since the time I can remember. With this official new name mantra, I will have fun adding on and developing this crest.



As I made the choice to do it, I felt a freeing of energy ripple all the way through all of my chakras. That continued happen for a few days.

The new name is on point. Finally I love my name! There is no question that I am picking something up from past lives. It feels correct. I have mars and venus in leo, thus, Leone.  It makes so much sense for me to have an ‘astro aligned name’. And so it is.

It has only been less than a week now, but I can’t tell you how good it feels! This is my tribute to Jupiter in Virgo. I have rahu in virgo which means in order to be in on my proper path, I must embody more virgo. Pay attention to the details. What is keeping you out of alignment? What do you need to do to shift that? Perhaps a name change? Already I can feel shifting energy in my life. A new energy is being born that is me sticking up for me. A new renewed force. It feels liberating. I have a new understanding of how the vibrational frequency of our name affects our chakra system. God is in the details! Jupiter in Virgo!

For all of you who are wondering there that is my story! I am excited to see what Stefania Leone attracts and creates! The Quinessential expression of ‘my name’.

I will be redesigning my site by the end of 2016 and will incorporate the new name.

 Love only.


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