This is the first new moon that is attached to the new jupiter cycle. Jupiter will be in virgo for the next year. This new moon is , lets’ say, the official start of the race.


Jupiter removes obstacles and brings abundance.

Virgo represents the following: health, organization, cleansing, details, judgement, medicine.

This year is a great time to make a personal statement to implement a few details that make a difference in helping you align with the life you wish to have. Don’t be to ambitious because you set yourself up for failure. Here are a few examples that if you choose only one, it will shift your reality.

– go to sleep an hour later/ go to sleep before 9pm once a week.

-get up an hour earlier/ light a candle and sit in front of a mirror and meditate for 10 minutes first thing upon rising.

– do an inversion for 30 sec. upon rising

– treat coffee as a medicine rather than a morning drug ( have only when needed)

– drop carbs if you need to loose weight/drop sugar/ drop meat

– drink 1-2 litres of water daily

– clear out your closet of articles you have not used in the past year

– have a meeting with your banker to understand exactly what you need to purchase a home

– get an official divorce

– make a will

-eliminate the word ‘should’ from your vocabulary ( or any other word!)

You know what it is. Start with one action!





The lunar sign of this new moon is ‘ a goal’ or ‘ a purpose’. Hasta is all about living with a purpose. I If you are not personally based, give yourself to a humanitarian or animal rights purpose. A life without purpose creates depression. Once you start giving your time to assist in a purpose of others, watch how fast your depression leaves you.


This new moon choose one action that will make the greatest impact on your mental state. If you can manage more than one, great, but one is good!!


All of us have the virgo frequency somewhere in our charts. Understanding what part of life virgo activates will go a long way in helping your understand and expedite your alignment! Have a 30 min reading with me. I am offering $50 for 30 min to focus just on this subject.


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