Freedom is felt by the brain.

If you are free to express your authentic self and grow with outside encouragement, you will have a sense of freedom.

If you are restricted your mind will bend in various ways to cope.

This new moon has 4 planets dancing together in Aquarius.

Mercury-2 degrees

Venus-25 degrees

Moon 28.54 degrees

Sun 28.54 degrees

If you want to align your consciousness to the current cosmic frequency, the current song that is playing, look to Aquarius.

Where is Aquarius in your chart?

This is where it will activate.

For those of you with Leo planets, it is opposite and will bring you projections that show you where you are.


This new age into which we are headed is a fixed air sign ruled by Saturn.

Computers, brain development ( rather than heart), technology, communication, A.I….androgeny….

Today I filled out an official paper and for the first time in my life had this on the form:


Male.Female. Neither. Undisclosed.


For someone who is born in the age we are just exiting this seems bizarre. For those entering who can choose which sex they wish to be when they are a young child is sci-fi coming true.

I do expect within the next 1000 years many more divisions will be added, including alien races and computer bots.

Welcome to the Aquarian Age.


We seem to be in a period of extreme narcissism, but maybe it is the cry out from individuals that feel they are loosing their humanity.

Soon, orgasm will be chip automated and babies will be digitally designed.

Right or wrong? Who is to say.


Yet before we immerse into this new age, we will rebel.

Or not.

If you look at humanity at the moment it is very clear to see that for the most part they are well behaved trained fear based unexpressed slaves to a political system.

THE 20%

Let’s say approximately 20% of the population thinks for themselves.

Rather than being a time of oppression, it is a time of action, rebellion and acts of freedom.

This segment will not be coralled.


The new moon is a new beginning and my sense is that we will see new rebellions surface.

The 20% want freedom to express.

Some will not go easily into being turned into cyborgs.


When it comes to consciousness it lives on different frequencies.

This is why no matter what happens there will be those who have lovely lives of pleasure and freedom, and those who do not.

Now, more than ever work to raise your frequency.

Aquarius is Frequency

You are a resonater of frequency.

You are also conscious and can work to determine your frequency.

Your vedic birth chart is the greatest clue as to how you are expressing frequency.

Love only..


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