This full moon is in Hasta.

Hasta means the ‘hand’.

If you think about it your hands are an extremely important.

Before I begin let me bless this post with Ganesha is is ruled by Jupiter, not Saturn.

Ganesha removes obstacles and blesses abundance in a pure form without slavery and abuse.


Mudras come to us in the Vedas. There are many. Through millenia these signals have been used and sometimes altered. In the case of Hitler for example.He took the signal of the  swatiskaha and used it for his purposes. This symbol was taken from the Jain’s, which is the most extreme form of Hinduism. They do not believe in wearing clothes or killing anything, period, not a snake, not a mosquito and not another animal or human. This symbol was hijacked.

Today there is a mix going on in the illusion of earthly reality.


Most of you do not understand what a powerful cosmic BEing  you are.

Your hands are a one of the cosmic maps of your soul. If you travel to India and tell them you are a Jyotishi, they will put out their hand for you to read their lines. This is lost in the west.

The lines on your hands and the shape of the hands are symbols that reflect the current journey of your soul.

When you have all the money in the world, you seek power.

Power takes you into the mystical mechanics of the universe. Hand signals are a part of the ritual of signals.


Mystical gets mixed with magical. There are only two directions, forwards and backwards, upwards and downwards, expression and inversion.

When you see an inverted symbol , it is the expression of the dark.

If you pay attention, in this Kali Yuga period, the inverted symbols and hand symbols  are everywhere.

As a child who grew up in the 60’s , it was surprising to understand this message from the Beatles.



No matter who you are there are some cosmic rules of engagement, the main one , being you must show who you are and it is mainly done by hand signals.

For those that can see, it is obvious, for those who do not see, it is a wash.


This full moon wake up to the magic that is found in hand symbols.

Do your homework.

This is not a dress rehearsal.

You are here at this time because you are supposed to be here.

You are here at this time to evolve and shine. Choose wakefulness. Choose action. Open your heart.

You are an important part of creation.

How are you using your hands?

Love only…



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