Alchemy is the magic that is created when two or more energies combine to form a new form. This is essentially chemical or energetic transformation. In jyotisha, there are hundreds of combinations or ,‘yogas’. At the moment we are under the cosmic influence of a powerful yoga called, ‘parivatna’.




This yoga is a mutual exchange. This is an example of polarity or projection. When two planets are in each other’s signs, there is some form of magnetism that occurs and the planetary energies switch; like a polar shift. In effect, what happens is that planets can be in a very weak position and when they exchange, becoming very powerful. The concept is a little complex to grasp. The planets act out their original placement but then evolve into the new energy.


Saturn moved into Scorpio in early November and will stay in this frequency for 2.5 years. (Those of you who are 27/28 have now entered your Saturn return). Saturn in Scorpio is the responsibility of power. Saturn in Scorpio is the frequency of fixed or stubborn emotions. Saturn in Scorpio is the dark side.


Mars is in Aquarius is the energy of rebellion and liberation or freedom. Mars in Aquarius is the movement of rebellion of the masses. Mars in Aquarius pushes the limits of innovation in technology by thinking outside the box.



Mars does it’s job in Aquarius then jumps into Scorpio where it is magnetically pulled. Mars in Scorpio is war. Mars in Scorpio is emotional intensity that is suppressed. Mars in Scorpio is all about power. In my opinion, the combination of Mars in Aquarius combined with the Scorpio influence is dangerous. Saturn in Scorpio exchanges with the Mars and jumps into Aquarius. Saturn in Aquarius creates a large group of humanity making a statement about ethics. Saturn in Aquarius is the commitment of the masses to an ideology. The combination of an exalted Mars in Scorpio and Saturn in Aquarius is extremely challenging. We can expect some strong reactions in some parts of the world that are currently, ‘hot’. TIME LINE..JAN.4-FEB.12,2015

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