Scorpio and the 8th house rules secrets. It also rules sex & money. It is also,’moksha dusthana”, which translates as spiritual liberation through pain and suffering. When you break it down you will find that most relationships breakdown because of secrets, sex or money. It sounds simplistic but spend some time analyzing the reality of your own life and you will see it is true. It may not seem so at first but when a relationship breaks down and the truth is revealed it is astounding how quickly the subject will unravel to sex or money. Research and scandal also fall into this cosmic bandwidth.


For those of you who do your research you will understand that ’33’ is a number that is related directly to secrets. Humanity has always divided themselves into groups who keep advanced metaphysical knowledge away from the masses be it related to your spirit or your money. It is then no coincidence that the moon ( the most important celestial influence) is debilitated in this sign. The moon in scorpio is not a bad thing, it is just the ruler of the darkness. Like it or not, this lifetime on this planet is a constant dance of the light and dark. The lighter it becomes the darker it becomes. This seems to be a comic rule we cannot escape.


You all have an 8th house in your chart. You all have scorpio present on some level. Some of you are born with your moon in scorpio, some with many planets in scorpio while others have a very light connection to this energy. Do not fall into judgement. You carry soul information about your personal journey in your birth chart. Scorpio if a fixed water sign which means it is possible to get caught up in a cycle of repetition lifetime after lifetime. Knowledge is power. If you can understand it you can change it. The first step is to pull up the veil and take a look. Yes, it takes courage and discipline to make changes, especially if they are deeply rooted in your soul path, but the good news it is possible to transcend.


Nobody knows how we got here or where we will go from here but what is certain is that there are different levels of consciousness and that we belong to the grand total. This moment we are hosted on the most beautiful blue planet called earth or Gaia. Humanity and the animal kingdom are in a  predator-prey situation. The body is only1% human cells, the rest is made up of bacteria which is in a constant state of consumption. The reality is daunting and pushes me seriously into the pursuit of the hidden knowledge of the soul. The vedas incorporate science and mystical knowledge that give answers that make sense to me. Scorpio makes room for the darkness, the secrets and the depth. Research also falls under this domain.


Here is a secret. Do your research on the new frequency that is going to be flooding your body via cell towers which are now part of the skyline in almost all areas of the world. I was recently in the oldest city in Europe, Cadiz, and was surprised to see my first 5G pop up on my network.

There are secrets hidden in this technology that you should know about. The microwave will mess with your H2O, which is most of your cellular structure. Many of you are already having health problems because of being exposed to too much EMF or radiation. I believe our bodies will eventually adapt, but being the first generation to be exposed, there will be many casualties before the genes morph. Pay attention.


This is the gentle part of scorpio, it is a great time to stage a marriage or form a bond. Mitra, the Goddess of friendship is the mythic goddess which rules Anuradha. As much as scorpio can be harmful it can also create the strongest and deepest bonds of commitment. The positive side of this full moon energy is in the strength of knowing the truth and still being in love and loyal.


Love only...


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