If you are a student of the ancient texts you will come upon the fact that here on earth there is a perpetual war against polar opposites.

The Gods are the DEVAS.

The Asures are the DEMONS.

Personally I always long for the world to be just devic and create my life around being in a vibration and location where I can enjoy a peaceful life full of abundance, proximity to nature and , for the most part, very calm. Having said that, I am always very aware of what is going on globally and feel huge empathy for my global brothers and sisters and animals who suffer. It’s a concundrum.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that maybe this is just how it is in this dimension; after all it is what these ancient texts were trying to tell us.

Me at the most ancient area of Ankgor Wat . :-)


Devas are the cosmic race ( or races) that is pure light, love; what is referred to as sattvic in the vedas. According to the vedas, they have immortality.

This group love to dance and sing and celebrate from an ‘ahimsa’ perspective.

No question, the world is mostly filled with these type of souls.


Asures are from the polar opposite to the devas, and worship the dark side of reality. They enjoy war and actually feed off the energy of fear and angst of others.

They also love to dance and sing and celebrate, however, they worship satan.


Has there ever been total peace on earth?

The answer is no.

For those of us who crave total peace, I am sure it exists in some planet/dimension.

And , in fact it does exist on earth in a lot of areas and in frequencies. No matter what goes on in the world, there are always areas where people are unaffected. Think of a plane that changes altitude to escape turbulance.


Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is Kali, Shiva, Satan; basically the dark side.

Aquarius is about rebellion. Jupiter is positioned with the Sun and Moon increasing the idea of freedom.

So much of what we are seeing currently is the masses realizing that they are in a war. They are demanding freedom.

We are at a highlighted period in history of this eternal battle.


Mercury, Saturn, Mars and Venus are closely aligned during this new moon. This gives the asures a lot of strength. It also focuses the war through governments.


If you follow my work you will know that I continue to bring this point up. We are in fateful times; meaning it can go one way or the other.

What is having a huge influence as usual is the eclipse points. The past 18 months are under ketu in scorpio which is all about hidden power plays and unseen viruses or parasites.

This is about to change. The eclipses will shift this month on the 17th. This will cause a definite shift in the current situation.

Ketu will move into Libra which will see a huge influx of legal proceedings.

Rahu will move into Aries which is a new beginning.


To quote Dennis Harness:

“Shatabhisha counters difficult karmas through divine grace and repentance and is ruled by Varuna, the God of maya or illusion”

This new moon is a Saturnian dark period. No question.

I hope for you that you are in a frequency that is devic and peaceful.

The mantra above is a good one for this new moon. Shatabisha also means the 100 Healers. Repeat this mantra and send your personal contribution of frequency to this moment.

Love only…




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