As much as this is one of the most progressive and exciting times to be alive in the history of humankind, the polarity of the mega disasters that are targeting Gaia, are just plain overwhelming. Not only ecological extremes, but  human suffering caused by other humans and shown to world with visual media is influencing the current generation much more than we know.  The Syrian exodus into the entire world is heart wrenching and scary. The Brazilan toxic mud slide being called Fukashima Brazil is deeply depressing, for so many reasons. The Paris terrorist attack on innocent people is heartless. The burning of the Amazon. What is going on with our world?

As an Astrologer who is devoted to educating the public specifically about the ancient vedic science of jyotisha, is like having the oath of Hippacrates. To tell the truth, or to be the messenger, can also carry a heavy weight. Nobody likes to receive unfavorable news, but in this global time in history in which we live, we are having about as much as we can digest. By looking at the planets we take some of the personal feelings of helplessness, and humanitarian responsibility into a macro cosmic perspective and find a way to make sense of it all. Furthermore, it acts as a tool to assist us in the microcosm of our personal lives, with inner spiritual understanding, connecting us to the macrocosm on a conscious level. I hope this makes sense!



There is nothing superficial about current global situation and the planets during this full Moon reflect that, big time.



When planets are in each others’s signs, they will first cause and effect off their frequency, but then do a dance and exchange places. In this case, Mars is in Virgo and Mercury is in Scorpio, the switch places Mars in Scorpio and Mercury in Virgo. Furthermore, both Mars and Mercury are at 13 degrees. The combination will be in effect until Dec.6,2015.

This yoga will result in the following planetary armies.



Yikes! That is the 2 malefic planets together, with Mars extremely strong. I rarely will say good or bad, but in this case, this is bad. I’m sorry. Basically there really isn’t a stronger combination to engage in war, a dark war.

The full Moon is in Taurus so the Moon will be exactly opposite this powerful stubborn standoff. Stay safe. Spend time in mediation and prayer to assist the forces of light that can help offset the dark. It may sound corney, but all scientific research is finally pointing to this fact.

With this combination, it is needless to say that there will be more unsettling news.



So many are now trained to keep the television on at all times. The elderly are sitting in front of the news channels watching the same stories over and over. If you have your wits about you, do not do this. Everything you see, hear and listen to will affect your inner workings. You cannot control that. What you can control is how much news you take in or injest.  You too, are a light Being run by frequency and in a body system that records experience. The brain does not know the difference between real and imagined. Listening to BBC online is one suggestion. Injesting too many images will pollute your sense of personal value over time as on a deep level you will suffer with your humanity. This full Moon reflect on values.



How you manage these two values, will, at least in a world of anybody who has the luxury of reading this article, shape your life.



The other side of the Parivatna yoga is that Mercury will move into Virgo where it belongs and join a debilitated Venus that is only strengthend by Rahu. This combination gives precision with guided moving objects. It creates decision making on a massive scale, it is strategy at it’s finest, however, not guided necessarily by an emotional foundation or goodness.

On a personal level get yourself organzied like you have never been organized before. Now is good!



Agni, the God of Fire. Fire has magical qualities that burn away impurities. Sitting beside a fire in contemplation can do wonders for one’s inner peace. Praying over fire, is called  a , ‘puja’, in vedic terms. If you can manage to find a fire for the full Moon, it is a good idea.

This full Moon is in Taurus, which is offering stability but also stubbornness. Holding on to your value system gives you personal integrity and a sense of belonging. In this unstable world what do you hold dear?

The full Moon is a time of celebration of the creature comforts like food, water, shelter and loving support that comes from being connected to each other. Cherish those you care for and take some time to plant a seed. 


Love only..

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