This new Moon may be the most challenging of 2015. Actually forsure this is the most challenging.


The Moon is in it’s weakest position in Scorpio. This Moon is designed and destined to translate life experiences through the emotional lense. There is nothing inherently wrong with this, the problem here is that the Scorpio Moon is so focused on control that it will negate feelings, preferring to repress and hide them. This way the negative emotions ( which we all have at times) are not faced until there is so much pressure that they explode into outburts of rage. If you have a Scorpio Moon is it extremely helpful to know and thereby be offered tools on how to deal with emotions as they arise. My focus today is the unstable global energy currently. This planetary combination will surely provoke violence in some place. It’s such a challening time. On a personal level the best you can do is recognize your own repressed emotions that you are not dealing with.


The new Moon is the lowest point of energy each month. The Sun is is a hot planet t and in Scorpio is under the influence of Mars, the planet of war and business.


Here is the real cause for concern. Saturn holds the energy of Lord Shiva. Saturn in combination with the Moon and joining the new Moon is what creates so much darkness with this time. Saturn when positive is a great planet that gives responsibility , a strong work ethic and wisdom and grace with maturity. When Saturn is in the dark space, it is the energy of destruction.



This combination has the potential to go into the darkness. The motivation is power and control.The element delivered is water.


This will be a chance to go deep into your own psyche and take a good inner look at yourself. Are you holding any dark emotions? If yes, identify and then get help to release. Knowledge is Power. Wisdom to act is courageous. Humility to let go , forgive and heal is divine. Your, my, our inner peace is our reward of a life well lived.

Are you under the clutches of somebody who is controlling you? Are you in an unhealthy toxic relationship with a narcissist? Are you in denial about the fact that you are in an abusive situation where you love too much and your partner does not love you back? Narcissism is a condition that can be hard to define but once you understand the signs you are better able to be honest with yourself and move on. I am highlighting this condition because this current line up of planets is reflective of this condition.




Humans are animals. The oldest part of the brain is the cerebellum which is reptilian. Reptiles are predators. They are not emotional. Some animals are not predators and some are. Most humans are not predators and some are. The main trait of a narcissist is that they are predators, and completely self centered and lack the ability to be empathetic ( although they are good at pretending that they are empathetic when it suites their end goal). Many of you will find yourself in relationships with a partner who is self centred and abusive. You may have a very difficult time releasing yourself from the relationship because your partner also provides you with a charismatic and exciting lifestyle. The bottom line is that you will never find a deeply satisfying relationship with a narcissist and it is better that you move on. Of course, since you may be well down the road and already under the control of the narcissist this is much easier said than done. Here is an excellent video series that explains this condition better than any I have found. I hope this helps those of you who need to understand your dysfunctional relationships and gives you the power to leave.

The author is Sem Vaknin.


Here is another great series.


If you are happy and balanced and not needing to deal with repressed anger or pain, the upside of this current cosmic frequency is that it is a great time to deepen your serious comittments. Reveiew and renew your most intense desires that give you a reason to live. Love only…

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